• The Angelic Host of Heaven Devotional

    Revelation 4

    Scripture never teaches that human beings are transformed into angels when they reach heaven. However, it does report that we will see God face-to-face. We can hardly imagine what this will be like, but we know it cannot be compared to the best things we have in the here and now. We will never be bored, and we will never grow tired of looking on the face of God. Are you looking forward to the beatific vision? View Resource

  • The Heavenly Host Devotional

    Revelation 4

    What is the highest calling of the Christian? The continual praise of God by the angels in heaven is one of the many depictions in the Bible that emphasize the importance of worship. Praising our Creator in heaven is the highest duty for the believer; indeed, we are exhorted to worship the Lord in all that we do (1 Cor. 10:31). And we should look forward to corporate worship each Sunday, for it is there that we glorify God in the presence of His people and the angels. View Resource

  • The Living Creatures around the Throne of God Devotional

    Revelation 4

    The ultimate purpose of our redemption is that we will dwell with God and see Him as He is (1 John 3:1–2). We can hardly imagine what that we will be like, but we know that it will be infinitely satisfying, for God is an infinitely beautiful being. Let us worship Him in His beauty and holiness this day as we long for the vision of Him we will experience in the world to come. View Resource

  • God’s Glory as Creator Devotional

    Revelation 4:11

    It is easy for us to take the existence of the universe for granted, to think that we are owed things simply because they exist. However, nothing would exist if God had not created the universe, so we should regularly give the Lord glory for His creation, for making us and for making everything that we enjoy. Have you this day given God the glory for being your Creator? View Resource