• Tender Mercies Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:1-3

    Just like our first parents in the Garden, we try to cover our sin. We see this in the life of David—after being confronted by the prophet Nathan about his sin with Bathsheba, David confessed his sin and realized that he needed a cleansing that none other than God could provide. Dr. Sproul examines this as he continues to look at Psalm 51, in this message entitled “Tender Mercies.” View Resource

  • A Model of Repentance Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:1-17

    Where does repentance fit in your life? Was repentance only a one-time thing you did when you first heard the gospel, or has it been a matter of practice since your conversion? Is the fear of not being able to repent in a way that God would accept a barrier for you? Do you struggle to find the right words to pray? Do you know what to ask for? How about a model prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit to guide you? Dr. Sproul teaches from Psalm fifty-one, looking at a prayer of repentance written by King David as “A … View Resource

  • Confession Media Resource by

    Psalms 51

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  • David Media Resource by

    Psalm 51

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  • David the Great Media Resource by

    Psalm 51

    Israel has had her fair share of kings, but one stands out in particular. What comes to mind when you are reminded of King David? What is it about Israel’s second king that so many others did not have? Beginning this series on the Life of David, Dr. Sproul teaches us about the accomplishments and personal traits of this ancient king that made him worthy of the title “David the Great.” View Resource

  • Man the Sinner Media Resource by

    Psalms 51

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  • God’s Just Judgment Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:4-5

    It is typical for a fallen child of Adam to question God’s justice concerning original sin. Coming from a fallen nature, it only seems natural for a sinner to question the fairness of the imputation of sin. But as David confesses in the 51st Psalm, our complaint is not valid. In this message, Dr. Sproul explores the justice of God both in the imputation of sin to the sons of Adam and to the Son of God, as he looks at “God’s Just Judgement.” View Resource

  • Total Depravity (Part 1) Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:5

    Original sin has marred our nature. We are depraved. But how depraved are we? Are we simply less than perfect? What kind of improvements can we make within ourselves to change sin’s effect? In this message, Dr. Sproul looks at the distinctive doctrine of Reformed theology that is often misunderstood—”Total Depravity.” View Resource

  • Purging the Inward Parts Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:6-8

    Although becoming a child of God is a onetime event, repentance is a life-long practice that must come from the depths of our souls. From whence comes your repentance? In this message entitled “Purging the Inward Parts,” Dr. Sproul discusses the need for genuine heartfelt repentance and what to expect once it is offered. View Resource

  • Renewing Assurance Media Resource by

    Psalms 51:8-12

    As we’ve been learning, a Christian can have real, saving faith without full assurance. Assurance can increase or diminish over time and sometimes never be fully attained. In this lesson, Dr. Beeke pastorally considers Westminster Confession of Faith 18.4 and the various reasons why a Christian may lose a sense of assurance and how it can be renewed. View Resource

  • Coram Deo: A Fearful and Joyful Experience Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:9-13

    Every moment of our lives is lived out before the face of God, yet there are moments when we wish He wouldn’t look at us. That is because sin has stained our hearts. So what do we do? In this message entitled “Coram Deo: A Fearful and Joyful Experience,” Dr. Sproul discusses the effect sin has on the children of God and what God has in store for the repentant. View Resource

  • A Contrite Repentance Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:14-19

    Do you have what is required for true biblical repentance? Repentance is essential, and not just repentance, but genuine repentance. Now that the ultimate sacrifice has been offered, what prevents us from genuine repentance today? In this message, Dr. Sproul discusses the essential posture of heart and mind for biblical repentance as he reminds us of the importance of “A Contrite Repentance.” View Resource