• David’s Plea for Forgiveness Devotional

    Psalm 51:1–9

    Christians are new creations in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17), but that does not mean that we have been completely renewed. We still contend with the remnants of our fallenness, and the presence of sin will be with us until it is removed in our glorification. Thus, in our repentance, we should be asking the Lord to forgive not only our particular sins but also to cleanse our hearts and transform our affections. Let us do so this very day in humble reliance on His mercy. View Resource

  • Tender Mercies Devotional

    Psalm 51:1–3

    If you have asked the Lord to have mercy on you in Christ and forgive you of your sin, then He has washed you clean (1 John 1:8–9). Moreover, we must imitate God (Eph. 5:1) and be merciful to all those who have wronged us and have sought our forgiveness. Consider whether there is someone against whom you are harboring a grudge. Ask God to help you cast off that burden and do what you can never to bring his sin up again. View Resource

  • Guilt and Guilt Feelings Devotional

    Psalm 51

    Whether we feel guilty or not, all of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23). Take time today to repent of your sin and acknowledge this truth. Then pray that your feelings of guilt would match its reality. Ask the Spirit to make you hate sin so that your conscience would be stricken with disgust and sorrow each time you violate God’s law. Let us strive to imitate our Father’s perfect holiness and hate sin just as He does. View Resource

  • Knowing Your Sin Devotional

    Psalm 51

    Read Luke 18:9–14. How is the confession of the tax collector like David’s? Have you ever confessed to God not only your sins but that you are a sinner by nature? Do you confess your sins daily? Ask God to give you greater insight into your sin that you might taste the joy of forgiveness as David did. View Resource

  • A Model of Repentance Devotional

    Psalm 51

    Let us all take time this day to consider how we respond whenever we are confronted with our sin. Are we quick to make excuses for our evil or to play down the gravity of our deeds? Are we so proud that we will not admit to others that we have sinned when it is necessary for us to do so? may we abandon any pride that keeps us from admitting our guilt, and may we show grace to those who repent of their sins in our presence. View Resource

  • Psalms Devotional

    Psalm 51

    One of the first manifestations of ungodly wisdom occurred in the garden of Eden just after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Instead of turning to the Lord, our first parents hid from Him. That is not the model that Scripture gives us. Wise people know that they cannot truly run from God and that it is better to come to Him when they sin than to hide themselves. Only He can provide the forgiveness and the covering for our shame that we need when we have fallen. View Resource

  • Psalms Devotional

    Psalm 51

    Do you truly realize the importance of prayer, or do you think that you can be wise without a deep and consistent prayer life? Take some time to consider the importance of prayer and how you can make it a habit to live a life bathed in prayer. Then, take Psalm 51 and pray through it, asking God to show you those areas where you have not been wise or have been treating others in ways that do not honor Him. Ask God to bring you to true repentance. View Resource

  • Testifying of God’s Mercy Devotional

    Psalm 51

    Read John 4:1–42. What did the woman do when she heard that Jesus was the Messiah? What was the result of her testimony? Do you feel compelled to tell others of the mercy of Christ? Think through your testimony today and how you would teach others of God’s mercy. Write it down to help organize your thoughts. View Resource

  • God’s Just Judgment Devotional

    Psalm 51:4–5

    We cannot forget the consequences our sins have on the world around us. However, if we do not understand that our sin is primarily and ultimately against God, we have not truly repented. Perhaps you have sinned against another person and have sought his forgiveness? But have you confessed this same sin to the Lord of heaven and earth? Whenever you realize that you have offended another person, remember that you have first sinned against God. View Resource

  • Whom Our Sin Offends Devotional

    Psalm 51:4

    We are often quick to feel bad about hurting other people when we sin against them. How quick are we, however, to feel sorrow for sinning against God when we have sinned against others? If we must apologize to another person for sinning against that person, then we must also repent of the same act before God. True repentance always recognizes where and how we have offended the Lord. View Resource

  • Purging the Inward Parts Devotional

    Psalms 51:6-8

    The process of repentance can be rough and hurt at first. But remember that the Lord chastises us at times because that is the way He chooses to restore us to full health (Hos. 6:1). If you are crushed under the weight of your sin, understand God breaks you in order that He may heal you. If in your evil you are tempted to despair and believe the Lord cannot forgive you, know that He will if you repent and stand firm against the Devil’s accusing tongue. View Resource

  • Living Coram Deo Devotional

    Psalm 51:9–12

    In verse 10 of today’s passage, David begs the Lord to “renew a right spirit” within him. The “right” or “steadfast” disposition to love God affects our sin. We may go through extended periods of devotion, but when our love for Him grows cold, it is easier to fall into evil. If you are struggling in sin, search your heart and ask the Lord to help you love Him consistently. Delight in His presence today and remember that He looks with favor on His people. View Resource

  • David’s Plea for a Clean Heart Devotional

    Psalm 51:10–19

    God cleanses our hearts of sin when He pardons us not only for our sake but also for the sake of others. When we have a fresh experience of the Lord’s pardon, we are granted a deeper awareness of His mercy, and we should go forth and tell others of His grace because we are thankful for what He has done for us. Insofar as we are able, let us look for opportunities to tell other people about the grace of God available in Christ. View Resource

  • A Contrite Repentance Devotional

    Psalm 51:14–19

    As we saw in our study of Psalm 51:4, the wrongs we do are first and foremost sins against the Lord. True repentance realizes our transgressions are heinous because they violate God’s holy character. If you have a contrite heart that recognizes this truth, you can be assured that you have been forgiven. If you are sorry that you might get caught, you are in danger of having false repentance. Ask the Spirit to produce real sorrow for sin in your heart today. View Resource

  • Contrition Devotional

    Psalm 51:14–19

    Sometimes our sorrow is like that of a child who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar—we are sorry that we are in trouble but not sorry for offending the Lord’s holiness. In our repentance, we must always pursue contrition, seeking to be sorry not only for the consequences of our sin but also for rebelling against God. The Lord will never turn away anyone who exhibits true contrition. View Resource