• The Word of God in Nature Devotional

    Psalm 19:1–6

    The fact that God has revealed Himself in nature gives a meaning and purpose to education that is impossible with non-Christian approaches. When we study science, math, photography, business, or any other subject, we are studying laws the Lord has revealed in and through the created order. All truth is God’s truth, whether we discover it in the Bible or in the natural sciences or liberal arts. View Resource

  • Natural Revelation Devotional

    Psalm 19

    Natural revelation is limited in its scope, but that does not mean it fails to achieve its purposes. God reveals Himself in nature so that no one will be able to plead ignorance of His existence on the last day. His message gets through, and we can appeal to creation as proof of His existence when we are talking with unbelievers. Let us not be afraid to use God’s natural revelation to point others to Him. View Resource

  • Positivism Devotional

    Psalm 19

    Many scientists say that a Creator does not exist or that there is no way of knowing if He exists because we cannot see, hear, taste, touch, or smell Him. Today’s passage, however, states that there is empirical evidence to support the existence of God. Creation testifies to the reality of God (Ps. 19:1–6; Rom. 1:18–32). Take some time this week to find and make use of a good apologetic resource that discusses the evidence for the Lord’s existence. View Resource

  • Thomas Aquinas Devotional

    Psalm 19

    God has revealed Himself both in the Scriptures and in the physical world. Therefore, if we find a seeming contradiction between the two, we have not understood correctly either the Scriptures, the physical world, or both. Purpose to study special revelation, the Word of God, and do not neglect the study of God’s general revelation. View Resource

  • Thomas Aquinas and the Knowledge of God Devotional

    Psalm 19

    If we are studying Scripture and the natural world and we perceive a contradiction, then we have failed somewhere in our study. Rightly understood, Scripture and science will never conflict, but it is possible for us to make errors in our interpretation of Scripture and the natural world. Thus, we must study widely and be willing to be corrected, knowing that all truth is God’s truth and is fully coherent. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Testimony Devotional

    Psalm 19:7–11

    In a day and age when people doubt that there is any ground for certainty, the Word of God provides us that anchor and grounding upon which we can stake our very lives. We never need doubt that the Lord has not revealed Himself to us truly, for we do have real knowledge of His character through His Word, even if it is never a comprehensive knowledge. If you have doubts today, the Word of God can answer them. View Resource