• God’s Greatness and Man’s Smallness Devotional

    Psalm 144:1–8

    John Calvin writes, “We cannot properly estimate the divine goodness, unless we take into consideration what we are as to our condition, as we can only ascribe to God what is due unto him, by acknowledging that his goodness is bestowed upon undeserving creatures.” Any self-reliance that remains after we have come to know the Lord hinders our prayers and our trust in Him. But if we remember how great He is and how small we are, this self-reliance will be put to death. View Resource

  • Secular Humanism Devotional

    Psalm 144:3–4

    The naturalism that is taught alongside humanism makes humanity into a cosmic accident with no real value, hence the ease with which we abort children and abandon the elderly. Only the Christian worldview, where God is the measure of all things, can preserve life and liberty. Only those who believe that man is made in God’s image have grounds for attributing any kind of worth to humanity. Remember this as you engage other worldviews. View Resource

  • The Blessing of Having the Lord God Devotional

    Psalm 144:9–15

    All people serve a god of some kind, but only those who know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior have the true Lord as their God. Everyone relates to God as He is as the Creator, but not all people relate to Him as His servants who will receive the blessing of the covenant Lord. He does good things for us every day, but ultimately, the greatest blessing we have is that the true Lord is our God. Let us thank and praise Him this day for taking us as His own. View Resource