• An Answered Prayer Devotional

    Psalm 116:1–9

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage that the distress of the psalmist “was removed from him, because he felt that God was indeed propitious towards him.” Knowing that the Lord has good things for His people and is eager to hear us is an encouragement for us to call out to Him, and His deliverance gives us further reason to love and worship Him. Regular prayer helps us remember that God is kind to us, and it helps us to develop an even deeper love for Him. View Resource

  • Great Faith in God Devotional

    Psalm 116:10–19

    Knowing that our deaths are precious in God’s sight encourages us to trust Him in our difficulties. We die at the point that the Lord has determined to be the right and most valuable time, so no believer dies at the wrong time. In any suffering, then, we know that the Lord has a good purpose. John Calvin comments, “Let us hold fast … that the death of the faithful, which is so worthless, nay, even ignominious in the sight of men, is so valuable in God’s sight.” View Resource

  • Why do Christians Die? Devotional

    Psalm 116:15

    Considered in and of itself, death is not a good thing. It is only here because of the fall. Yet considered in the broader context of the Christian life, death can be viewed as a positive change. After all, when we die we will be in the immediate presence of our triune God, and we will never sin again. Christians alone have this precious hope, and it is a hope that we should proclaim to all those who do not know our Savior. View Resource