• Glory to the Name of the Lord Devotional

    Psalm 115:1–8

    Often we present our supplications to the Lord as a list of needs that do not call for His glory to be manifest. Certainly, it is appropriate to pray for our God to satisfy our needs, but our chief reason for asking for His help should be so that others will see His glory as He rescues us. As we ask the Lord to glorify Himself by meeting our needs, our prayers become more God-centered and we pray more effectively, asking the Lord to do only what will bring Him glory in our lives. View Resource

  • Glory to the Name of the Lord Devotional

    Psalm 115:1

    Prayer changes us. We cannot hope to love and serve God properly merely by reading His Word and fellowshiping with others, although these exercises do benefit us and our relationship to the Lord. In addition to such things, we must pray God’s Word back to Him and follow His instructions for prayer. By doing this, our hearts and minds come to reflect the Lord’s concerns and those things that He prizes, thereby enabling us to hallow Him as well. View Resource

  • Blessing the Lord Now and Forever Devotional

    Psalm 115:9–18

    God gives us good things not as ends in themselves but so that we will see His generosity and be moved to worship and serve Him. It is not a sin to desire good things from our Lord; the problem comes when we desire those good things more than we desire our Creator. Let us not turn the things we have into idols, but let us always remember God and His goodness, using our enjoyment of His gifts as an occasion to thank and praise Him. View Resource