• Divine Diversity Devotional

    Psalm 110:1

    If God is an impersonal force, then we should pay Him little attention. We cannot know or relate to Him, and an impersonal being cannot be concerned with the affairs of human beings. But if God is a personal being, then we had better pay Him the closest attention of all. He is not unconcerned with us but pays heed to our every need, hope, and fear. We can bring everything before Him, knowing that He cares for His people. View Resource

  • The King’s All-Encompassing Reign Devotional

    Psalm 110:1–3

    According to His deity, Christ has always been the sovereign Lord of all, but in His incarnation, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension, a new phase of His reign in which His humanity shares began. That marked the beginning of the full and final defeat of His enemies, and even now He is working to destroy them. He cannot fail, so no foe of His can finally defeat Him or those who are united to Him by faith alone. Therefore, let our foes do their worst. We are safe in Christ forever. View Resource

  • A Priest Forever Devotional

    Psalm 110

    Perhaps the most thrilling promise of Psalm 110 is that God will set the Davidic king as ruler over all. Jesus was this king, and even now He fulfills this through His people (2 Tim. 2:12a). Are you facing difficult circumstances? Do you feel as if your enemies have defeated you? Do not fear, for God is working to bring all things under Christ’s feet, and His kingdom will one day be plain to all. Pray today for the defeat of Satan and his realm. View Resource

  • A Sworn Oath to David Devotional

    Psalm 110

    We do not serve a king who is far off and unacquainted with our creaturely state. Rather, we have a Priest-King who has shared the human condition and has experienced the things we have experienced, albeit without sin (Heb. 2:14–18). He is therefore able to empathize with us, and thus He is able, by His Spirit, to fortify us and to walk with us through the greatest struggles in life, enabling us to stand firm for godliness and truth. View Resource

  • The Eternal Priest-King Devotional

    Psalm 110:4–7

    Christ is gentle and kind to His people, but this gentleness and kindness is an expression of strength, not weakness. He is also the fierce protector of His children, and He will judge the earth in righteousness. Our only hope to endure that judgment is to come under the blood of His sacrifice by trusting in Him alone. When we do so, we enjoy not only His kingly rule but also His priestly mediation. Are you trusting in Christ alone this day for salvation? View Resource