• Confidence in Suffering Devotional

    Psalm 102:1–14

    We cannot isolate ourselves fully from others. Our decisions invariably affect other people, and their decisions affect us. The church as a whole may go through trials and tribulations, and when this happens, even the most faithful servants of God will suffer. In the midst of such pain, the faithful will continue to hold fast to the promises of the Lord, believing that He will bring restoration. In so doing, they will be assured of their salvation and will grow in their love for Christ. View Resource

  • God Unchanging Devotional

    Psalm 102:15–28

    Scripture frequently compares God to a rock, and with good reason. Rocks are strong and stable, and so is our Lord. But that is where the similarity ends. For even rocks are subject to the changes wrought by erosion and other natural phenomena. But our Maker cannot change or be changed. He is the only security in which we can trust without reservation. He alone is fully dependable. Truly, we are blessed to know that God never changes. View Resource