• Lady Wisdom Devotional

    Proverbs 8:1–11

    Western society places a strong focus on education, but we seldom see a corresponding concern for righteousness. Consequently, while we can benefit from education, we must be aware that education in itself cannot produce wise people. We find wise people only where righteousness has been made a part of education. Parents at home and the corporate body of the church must teach the righteousness of God in order to produce wise leaders of His people. View Resource

  • Fruit Better Than Gold Devotional

    Proverbs 8:12–21

    Understanding that our leaders rule well by the wisdom of God helps us to remember whom we should thank when we are blessed with good rulers who look out for their people. Just leaders are a gift from the Lord, and when the state leaves the church to do its work in peace, it is because God has gifted us with government leaders who wisely understand their place in the world. Let us pray that our Creator would grant us such leaders for our nation. View Resource

  • God’s Greater Wisdom Devotional

    Proverbs 8:22–36

    Even many non-Christians respect the teaching of Jesus and believe that He offers wisdom to live by. Of course, as believers in Christ, we would agree, but we would say that such a view does not go far enough. Divine wisdom is not mere words spoken by great teachers; rather, God’s wisdom is a person. It is the right relationship with this person that secures our entry to heaven, not mere obedience to His ethical pronouncements without looking to His cross for our salvation. View Resource