• Money and Inflation Devotional

    Proverbs 20:10

    Some have called inflation β€œthe cruelest tax of all.” An artificial increase in the money supply is actually a type of oppression because it harms the poor and the elderly who live on fixed incomes. The biblical mandate to meet the needs of the orphan and widow is all the more urgent when inflation runs rampant. Do what you can to encourage fiscal discipline in the government and work with your church leaders to help the needy in your congregation. View Resource

  • Our Need for Counsel Devotional

    Proverbs 20:18

    There are few decisions in life that are more important than one’s selection of mentors, friends, and advisers. Having the right people around them make otherwise average leaders into great ones. Even if we never become leaders ourselves, godly and wise friends are invaluable for helping us become successful parents, employees, and laypeople. Let us take care in choosing the company we keep, and may we always heed wise, godly advice. View Resource

  • Awaiting God’s Deliverance Devotional

    Proverbs 20:22

    Christians are to be known for their love for their enemies and for each other (Matt. 5:43–48; John 13:34–35), and such love does not seek vengeance for every wrong that is ever done to us. Of course, this is difficult, as we all seek to be repaid for the evil we experience. However, if we trust in the Lord for vengeance and pray that He will make us patient with sinners just as He is patient with sinners, the Spirit will enable us not to seek vengeance when it is not appropriate to do so. View Resource

  • Unequal Weights and False Scales Devotional

    Proverbs 20:23

    As the God who is truth Himself, it should be no surprise that one of God’s utmost concerns is with the truthfulness of all of our interactions with others. Christians are to be people who are scrupulously concerned with the truth to the point that they are fair and just even in the smallest economic matters, such as not accepting more change from the cashier than is actually owed. We are to use honest measures and treat others as we would want to be treated. View Resource

  • Discipline’s Cleansing Rod Devotional

    Proverbs 20:30

    Matthew Henry comments, “Severe rebukes sometimes do a great deal of good, as corrosives contribute to the cure of a wound, eating out the proud flesh. The rod drives out even that foolishness which was bound up in the heart, and cleanses away the evil there.” Obstinate sinners such as ourselves often cannot learn our lessons unless the instruction is delivered with painful blows. But as this pain leads to cleansing, it is evidence of God’s working all things for our final good. View Resource