• Standing Firm in the Lord Devotional

    Philippians 4:1

    Reformed theology has always taught that God works through means, using secondary agents to keep us in the narrow way of Christ. We are familiar with His use of the preached Word of God and the sacraments to accomplish such things, but the Spirit also works through people as we minister one to another. We all need to be active in Christ’s body that we might encourage others to stand firm and to receive such encouragement for ourselves. View Resource

  • Agreeing in the Lord Devotional

    Philippians 4:2–3

    Agreeing in the Lord with other believers does not necessarily mean that we concur on every secondary or tertiary matter. It does mean, however, that we recognize other believers as true brothers and sisters in Christ when we agree on gospel essentials. It also means that we strive to debate and discuss respectfully, that is, in a manner that honors other people and shows the world that we are united in the gospel. View Resource

  • Don’t Worry, Be Joyful Devotional

    Philippians 4:4–7

    Knowledge that death does not have the final say is but one of the many reasons why we as Christians can find the fullness of joy in the Lord (Phil. 4:4). Jesus has brought us so many other benefits and blessings, including fellowship with His body the church, material provisions, comfort in times of trouble, and countless other gifts. Let us consider today all the reasons we have to be joyful and rejoice in the Lord. View Resource

  • Don’t Worry, Be Joyful Devotional

    Philippians 4:4–7

    Even if God never gives us another blessing, what Jesus did on our behalf gives us more than a sufficient reason to rejoice. We can properly grieve when friends and families die, relationships end, jobs are lost, and suffering occurs. But such grief ought never to push us into despair, for in Jesus all will be set right, and one day all tragedy will be removed from creation (Rev. 21). If you are sad or depressed this day, consider the finished work of Christ and rejoice! View Resource

  • The Mandate to Rejoice Devotional

    Philippians 4:4–5a

    When we suffer for Christ’s sake, experience the death of a loved one, or encounter the same problems and sins in our lives yet again, it can be difficult to rejoice. Yet despite the reality of pain in these circumstances, we can rejoice as we recall that Jesus has paid for the sins of His people and that God works all things for His good and our glory (Rom. 8:28). These truths give us a deep, abiding sense of joy that we can feel no matter our difficulties. View Resource

  • Prayer and Peace Devotional

    Philippians 4:5b–7

    Matthew Henry comments, “When anything burdens our spirits, we must ease our minds by prayer; when our affairs are perplexed or distressed, we must seek direction and support.” A consistent prayer life increases our peace about the Lord’s sovereign provision as we trust in God and not in our own plans. Let us always remember that God enjoys communing with us in prayer but that He has the right to answer our prayer as He will. View Resource

  • Supplication in Prayer Devotional

    Philippians 4:6

    We can be confident that the Holy Spirit takes our prayers and makes them acceptable to God. We also see the Spirit working in our lives to make our prayers less about us and more about the kingdom of God and about other people. Let us ask for the Spirit’s help when we pray so that we can pray according to God’s will and for God’s priorities. View Resource

  • Discerning the Good Devotional

    Philippians 4:8–9

    Paul’s exhortation to think on what is good, excellent, and beautiful in the culture around us suggests that withdrawal into a Christian ghetto is not the way to witness to Jesus in this world. We are to live in a manner that is distinct from the world, but we are not to be separatistic in that we are allowed to enjoy only self-consciously Christian authors, musicians, artists, and so forth. If it is true and beautiful, it is worth thinking on, no matter its source. View Resource

  • Literature Devotional

    Philippians 4:8

    We do not have to read pornographic material in order to find literary filth. How many novels, romantic or otherwise, contain scenes of an explicit nature? How many Christians believe they can read such things innocuously? How many of us tolerate graphic violence in our casual reading even though we would never peruse pornography? Consider what you read or look at, and get rid of anything that violates the admonitions of today’s passage. View Resource

  • Meeting Paul’s Need Devotional

    Philippians 4:10–12

    God gives us friends in the church to help build us up and so that we might support one another in all our needs. Of course, only Christ fulfills all our needs in an ultimate sense, but He does work through human means to sustain us and to remind us that we are sufficient only in Him. Thus, we should be forging close bonds with other believers that we might bless them and be blessed in return. View Resource

  • Strength in Christ Devotional

    Philippians 4:13

    If we depend on our own power and character in the midst of storms, we will by no means find lasting peace. But when we trust in Christ and seek to do everything in Him, we can serve Him faithfully. This does not mean that our concerns do — or even should — go away; rather, it means that our concerns no longer define our lives and bind us with worry. On the contrary, we rest satisfied in the Lord no matter what happens around us. View Resource

  • Not the Gift but the Fruit Devotional

    Philippians 4:14–17

    Paul’s desire to have the Philippians get a blessing by giving to his work is an illustration of what we should think when faithful churches and ministries ask for our support. When our local churches, gospel-preaching ministries, faithful Christian colleges, and so forth request support, they are sharing legitimate needs and giving us a chance to receive commendation from God and further blessings that come when we give to gospel ministry. View Resource

  • The God Who Supplies Our Needs Devotional

    Philippians 4:18–20

    God will supply all our needs, but we must not take that to mean that He will give us everything we want or that we might think that we need. He knows far better than we do our true physical and spiritual needs, and He will always meet them according to His riches and His plan in Christ Jesus. Let us therefore know that He will be faithful to us, and we must be faithful to Him, His church, and His commandments. View Resource

  • Being in Christ Devotional

    Philippians 4:21-23

    Take some time today to meditate on all the great blessings that we enjoy by virtue of being in Christ—an imputed righteousness that secures our place in heaven; adoption as sons and daughters of the perfect loving Father; assurance of victory over all of His and our enemies; provision for all of our needs; and much more. Let us thank the Lord for choosing us in Christ, giving us faith in His promises so that we might live and die in the Savior. View Resource