• The Word of the Lord to Edom Devotional

    Obadiah 1–9

    The conflict between Edom and Judah that continued centuries after Esau and Jacob died reminds us how unsettled arguments can have ramifications that extend far beyond ourselves. When we fight with family members, the negative impact can extend for generations and wreak havoc that we may never see with our own eyes. Practically speaking, it is wise to seek resolution of our conflicts insofar as we are able to do so without being forced to compromise truth. It is also pleasing to God. View Resource

  • God Charges Edom Devotional

    Obadiah 10–14

    God’s law covers every aspect of life, telling us that we sin both in breaking God’s commands willfully and in showing apathy when we see that there is something good and holy to be done. In ourselves, we cannot hope to meet this high standard of serving the Lord unwaveringly—and so we trust in Christ and His righteousness alone for our justification. But having trusted Christ, He empowers us by His Spirit to do His will. What good must you do this day in order to obey our Creator? View Resource

  • Edom’s Fall and Israel’s Rise Devotional

    Obadiah 15–21

    By His grace, God in Christ intervened in history before the final day of the Lord to save us from the Lord’s wrath to come (1 Thess. 1:10). Thus, we do not yet experience certain aspects of what Obadiah saw regarding the day of judgment. God’s people do not yet possess their full inheritance in the new heaven and earth, so we don’t possess the land of the Canaanites. But the work of Jesus has guaranteed it for us. One day, we shall rule over the whole earth, the Holy Land included. View Resource