• Meekness and Self-Control Devotional

    Numbers 12:1-15

    Today’s lesson puts the fruit of the Spirit into a chain of growth and development. Read the last paragraph again, and then close the book and see if you can rehearse the logic of Galatians 5:22–23. In light of the last sentence in the lesson, why do you think so few Christians have influence in our society today? View Resource

  • Moses Devotional

    Numbers 12:3

    In biblical categories, strength and service go hand in hand. Christian leaders do not seek out others to be their servants; rather, they serve the people who are under them, seeking to help them grow in their gifts and to assist them in doing good work for the kingdom (Mark 10:35–45). This principle applies whether you are an elder in the church, own your own business, serve as a manager, or are leading your own children in the things of God. View Resource