• From Cursed to Blessed Devotional

    Nehemiah 13:1-3

    God often waits to intervene and rescue us when things seem to be their darkest, so we should never despair that our circumstances are too far gone for Him to respond. Still, there are times when the Lord does not seem to intervene, and so we must trust that He has good purposes for us even when we suffer. In eternity we shall see how He has worked in and through our curses to bring us blessing (Rom. 8:28). View Resource

  • Nehemiah’s Pleas to God Devotional

    Nehemiah 13:1-14

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage: “Deeds done for the house of God and the offices of it, for the support of religion and the encouragement of it, are good deeds… . They shall in no wise lose their reward.” The Lord will reward those who are zealous for His worship. If we are zealous for His worship, we can rightly expect a reward, particularly in the age to come. View Resource

  • Always Reforming Devotional

    Nehemiah 13

    Consistent preaching of the gospel both to ourselves and to the world around us is necessary if reformation is to endure. We need to be reminded of the gravity of our sin and the greatness of our Savior in order to live in grateful obedience to His Word. Others must realize their lack of trust in Christ, so that they might become converted and their lives transformed. There will never be a point in this life when the gospel is unnecessary. View Resource

  • Postexilic Failure Devotional

    Nehemiah 13:15-31

    During the period between Nehemiah and Christ, the hope for God’s deliverance grew and the longing for the Messiah increased among the faithful. The initial promise of the postexilic period faded, and the faithful knew that the Lord would have to intervene in a new way to restore creation. Our hope remains set on the Messiah, whom we now know is Jesus. We proclaim Him as the One who will bring final restoration. View Resource