• Providence And Common Grace Devotional

    Matthew 5:45b

    Many people rail against the Lord, believing that they deserve a better life than the one they have received. God’s common grace, however, reminds us that as creatures we are undeserving even of our very existence. May that lead us to a more sober reflection on who we are and to greater humility when we approach our Maker in prayer View Resource

  • Perfectly Perfect Devotional

    Matthew 5:48

    To say God is the most perfect being is not simply to take an attribute like human goodness, for example, and assume that His goodness is exactly like ours, only developed to its highest degree. While human goodness and divine goodness overlap, the Lord’s goodness is the category by which we judge human goodness, not vice versa. Consider how you define what is good, true, and beautiful and how much your standard reflects Scripture. View Resource