• Another Request for a Sign Devotional

    Matthew 16:1–4

    Matthew Henry comments, “It is an instance of the deceitfulness of the heart, to think that we should be influenced by the means and advantages which we do not have, while we slight those which we have.” The Sadducees and Pharisees kept demanding one more sign from Jesus even when they had already seen enough evidence of His messianic vocation. Let us never be guilty of demanding more signs or answers to prayer than God has already given us. View Resource

  • Polycarp Devotional

    Matthew 16

    Whoever values his own life more than Jesus will actually lose it (Matt. 16:25). Martyrdom seems foreign to us in the United States, but it is a daily reality for many in this world. Pray that suffering believers would stand firm for Christ and that you would be willing to die for Him if such persecution becomes a reality where you are. View Resource

  • A Warning About Leaven Devotional

    Matthew 16:5–12

    It is not always easy to recognize false teaching because those who teach error often mix it in with some legitimate truth. That is why we must be well grounded in the doctrines of Scripture, for if our grasp of the truth is becoming ever more comprehensive, we will be able to distinguish it from error. How grounded are you in the teachings of the Bible and the historic Christian faith? Make it your aim to learn anew one aspect of the faith this week. View Resource

  • Christ Devotional

    Matthew 16:13–20

    If we are to know the truth, we must sit at the feet of our prophet, Jesus. If we are to be reconciled to God, we must approach Him through the sacrifice of our priest, Jesus. The battle against sin and Satan can only be won if we submit to the leadership of our great King, Jesus. Take some time today to sit at Christ’s feet by reading from one of the Gospels. Then, thank Him again for His great offering and look to Him to help you win the war against temptation. View Resource

  • The Keys of the Kingdom Devotional

    Matthew 16:13–20

    There are two extremes when it comes to church authority. One extreme says that the church is always right no matter what it says. The other extreme says the church has no authority over the individual Christian. God’s Word tells us otherwise, granting authority to church leaders insofar as church leaders follow Scripture and apply it faithfully in their decisions. If we ignore the faithful pronouncements of the church, we are ignoring God Himself. View Resource

  • Peter, the Rock Devotional

    Matthew 16:13–20

    When we study Scripture, we should be careful not to let the excesses of opposing positions unduly influence our own applications of the text. All the teachings of those with whom we disagree may not necessarily be wrong, and we should strive to be faithful to God’s Word, not driven to make decisions that are contrary to what our opponents do just because we do not want in any way to look like them. Let us be true to Scripture no matter what others do. View Resource

  • The Messianic Secret Devotional

    Matthew 16:13–23

    That Jesus did not act in the precise way that His contemporaries expected only indicates that God is not bound to conform to our false expectations of Him. The only expectations we may rightly have of Him are those defined by His Word. But the entire canon of Scripture, taken together, is our source for these expectations, not just the parts of the Word that we like best. Let us be careful to define our view of God by all of Scripture. View Resource

  • The Messianic Secret Devotional

    Matthew 16:13–23

    Jesus did not keep His identity hidden from everyone, but revealed it to those who would be less likely to expect a political revolutionary (for example, John 4:26). In order that you would not have false expectations about Jesus’ work in your life, be sure to study Scripture consistently, and pray for the Spirit to illumine its meaning. View Resource

  • Jesus the Christ Devotional

    Matthew 16:16

    When we refer to Jesus as the Christ, we are saying that He is our all-sufficient Prophet, Priest, and King. We trust in Him alone because He speaks God’s Word to us perfectly, provides final atonement for our sin, and leads us in righteousness against all His and our enemies. Yet, we remain prone to trust in lesser persons, so let us confess our failures to trust in Jesus alone and seek to rest in His grace and in Him only for all things. View Resource

  • The Enduring and Conquering Church Devotional

    Matthew 16:18

    When we join the church, we are actually joining the winning team. Though the church is often despised and scorned by this world, we are promised that it will endure and conquer. This encourages us to persevere in faith. If we know that the outcome is sure, that the church will never be finally defeated, we know it is worth it to hold fast to the faith even when we face great opposition. We will be victorious in the end. View Resource

  • The Hidden Messiah Devotional

    Matthew 16:20

    People today continue to expect the Messiah to be something He is not. Many think He approves of their sin when He is set against it. Others believe He has come primarily to bring a political form of salvation. However, Jesus came first to save us from our sin, and He will not come as conquering King until He returns. Let us take care not to expect wrong things of our Messiah, Jesus the Christ. View Resource

  • Jesus Rebukes Peter Devotional

    Matthew 16:21–23

    Evangelicals often stress that Jesus has died for our sins, but it can be easy to forget that He was also raised for our sins. As we share the Gospel, let us remember to present the truth of the resurrection as well. John Calvin comments, “All ministers…who desire that their preaching may be profitable, ought to be exceedingly careful that the glory of his resurrection should be always exhibited by them in connection with the ignominy of his death.” View Resource

  • Willing to Die Devotional

    Matthew 16:24–28

    We still wait for the visible, bodily presence of Christ, but that does not mean the kingdom is not present at all right now. Though its fullness has not yet been realized, the kingdom has come, and, indeed, it continues to come as lives are transformed by the power of the Spirit. Our Savior has kept His promise that the apostles would taste the kingdom before their deaths, and today we too taste God’s kingdom in our lives. Look for it to bear fruit in you today. View Resource

  • The Martyrdom of Polycarp Devotional

    Matthew 16:25

    Even as the Western world grows increasingly hostile to the Christian faith, we must still remember—and thank God for—the freedoms we enjoy. We do not yet risk our lives by confessing Christ, but that is not true for millions of Christians around the world. Still, we might risk our reputations and livelihoods for standing for the Lord. Are we prepared to pay this cost? Let us daily seek God in prayer, asking Him to strengthen us to stand for Jesus no matter the price we must pay. View Resource

  • The Witness of Polycarp Devotional

    Matthew 16:25

    Islam teaches that dying as a witness to Allah guarantees entry into heaven. Biblical Christianity tells us that we cannot merit heaven by our deaths. Our willingness to die for Christ proves that we have faith, but seeking out death will avail us nothing. Any willingness we have to suffer and die for Christ must be born of the thankfulness we have for His saving us. View Resource