• Jesus Challenges the Pharisees Article by Jerry Bridges

    FROM TABLETALK | May 2008 | Matthew 12

    The Pharisees were the ultimate religious people among the Jews during Christ’s life on earth. Determined not to break any of God’s laws, they had, over time, devised an intricate system of oral tradition to keep them from breaking the Mosaic law. One would think with such a desire to obey God that they would have recognized the perfect obedience of Jesus and affirmed and followed Him. And yet, as demonstrated by the events recorded in Matthew 12:1–37, they were His most bitter and implacable opponents. Why was this so? The essential problem lay in their different understanding of the nature … View Resource

  • The Wayside and the Rocks Article by Dan Doriani

    FROM TABLETALK | June 2009 | Matthew 12

    Matthew 13 begins with three words: “that same day.” They summon us to connect the parable of the sower to the controversy described in the previous passage. Troubles began when Jesus healed a man rendered blind and mute by demonic power. Jesus healed the man, so that many people wondered: “Can this be the Son of David?” (12:22). The Pharisees had another explanation. His power is undeniable, but He must be a sinner, for He works on the Sabbath and befriends sinners, which they considered sins. Since He is evil and powerful, the source of His power must be evil, … View Resource