• The Pharisees’ Hard Hearts Devotional

    Mark 3:1–6

    The Pharisees’ meeting with the Herodians to plot Jesus’ death confirms their evil (Mark 3:6). Dr. R.C. Sproul points out the irony in his commentary Mark: “Could there have been a worse way of violating the sanctity of the day God set apart for the well-being of His people than to plot to kill the Lord of the Sabbath on the Sabbath day?” Let us pray for the Lord to give us soft hearts and the willingness to obey Him even when it violates unbiblical traditions. View Resource

  • Tares Among the Wheat Devotional

    Mark 3:7–10

    In the drive to build a large church, elders can lose sight of what is most important—congregational discipleship. A large congregation might be spiritually mature, but it could also be that the tares outnumber the wheat in a given locale. The same dynamics are true of smaller churches as well. Let us encourage our pastors and elders to do the work of discipleship, and may we seek to be involved as well, according to our circumstances and abilities. View Resource

  • Superior, Not Equal Devotional

    Mark 3:11–12

    Many believers have questions about the demonic such as “Can a Christian be demon possessed?” The fact that Satan is not equal in power to God helps us understand that though the devil is mighty, He is still subject to the Lord’s sovereign control. God’s omnipotent care for His children means that believers cannot be possessed by demons and that no scheme of the evil one will result in his ultimate victory over God’s people. Safe in the hands of Jesus, we need not fear anything Satan can throw at us. View Resource

  • Twelve Apostles Devotional

    Mark 3:13–15

    Many people try to separate Christ from His Apostles, but that is not possible. True, only Christ is God incarnate and only Christ atoned for sin; however, the words of the Apostles carry the same authority as the words Christ spoke while on earth. The New Testament is the very Word of God and therefore the very Word of Jesus, because Jesus is God and because the Spirit of God inspired the Apostles (2 Tim. 3:16–17). If we reject the words of the Apostles, we reject Christ. View Resource

  • Who Were the Twelve? Devotional

    Mark 3:16–19

    Today, we hear a lot about the need for diversity. But as we see from the political system and nations around the world, diversity without unity leads to infighting and even civil war. Scripture does call God’s people to embrace diversity, but it is a diversity that is unified in the common confession of the biblical faith. People from every background are welcome in the church—provided they repent of their sin and trust in Christ Jesus alone. Only Christ can unify the church. View Resource

  • Jesus and His Family Devotional

    Mark 3:20–21

    Dr. Sproul writes in his commentary Mark that “anyone who takes his faith seriously and speaks on behalf of Christ and His kingdom will be accused of fanaticism at some point.” When we follow Jesus, we will inevitably face people—perhaps even our closest relatives—who think we are strange, crazy, or maybe even evil. When this occurs, let us recall that Jesus Himself faced people who misunderstood Him. Still, He loved them, and so too must we love those who think we are fanatics. View Resource

  • A House Divided Devotional

    Mark 3:22–26

    We must be on guard against the great deceiver, for Satan is cunning and may hide behind a cloak of pretended righteousness. However, we can be confident that his deception cannot last forever. It will finally be revealed for the deception that it is. If the gospel is truly at work, the devil will not be able to trick us forever, as true spiritual fruit cannot be imitated but can result only from the authentic work of God the Holy Spirit. View Resource

  • Binding the Strong Man Devotional

    Mark 3:27

    We dare not underestimate the power and influence of Satan. Yet, we need not fear him either. He is the strong man whom Jesus has bound, and he is unable to hold on to what rightfully belongs to God and His people. We can preach the gospel with confidence, knowing that the Lord will use it to liberate sinners from the devil’s snare. If we trust in Christ, we are on His side, and He will give us victory over the devil and all his minions. View Resource

  • Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit Devotional

    Mark 3:28–30

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Mark, “Worrying about [whether one has committed the unforgivable sin] is one of the clearest evidences that [the troubled person has] not committed this sin, for those who commit it are so hardened in their hearts that they do not care that they commit it.” Blasphemers of the Holy Spirit are so hardened against God that they do not care about sin, so if we are repentant, we can be sure we have not blasphemed the Spirit. View Resource

  • The True Family of Jesus Devotional

    Mark 3:31–35

    Calvin comments that “every one who is regenerated by the Spirit, and gives himself up entirely to God for true justification, is thus admitted to the closest union with Christ, and becomes one with him.” We can respect the members of Jesus’ earthly family and honor them for their faith, but they are not more special to Him than any other disciple is. By grace, He guards all of His people as members of His family. View Resource

  • Ecclesiological Teaching Devotional

    Mark 3:34-35

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