• The Faith of the Friends Devotional

    Mark 2:1-5

    John Calvin comments that the paralytic’s friends “would never have submitted to so much trouble, nor contended with such formidable hindrances, if they had not derived courage from entire confidence of success. The fruit of their faith appeared in their not being wearied out when they found the entrance closed up on all sides.” These men were so sure of Jesus’ ability that they would stop at nothing to see Him. May we pursue our Savior with such fervent faith. View Resource

  • Forgiveness and Healing Devotional

    Mark 2:6-12

    Forgiveness is our greatest need. Disease, depression, sorrow, poverty, injustice, and all other ills are true needs; ultimately, however, all these ills exist because sin has corrupted creation. Not all of our problems are caused by our specific sins, but all of them are due to the fact that we live in a fallen world and suffer from sin’s corruption. If we are not saved from our sins, any fix to these problems is temporary and hell awaits us. Have you trusted in Christ for the forgiveness of your sins? View Resource

  • Jesus Calls Levi Devotional

    Mark 2:13-14

    One of the themes of Jesus’ ministry is that He is not bound to choose the most obvious candidates for ministry according to social convention. He may call people for service from what may be considered the most disgraceful backgrounds. This He does by grace, showing that our place in His kingdom and in ministry is not a matter of the Lord’s choosing those who are fully trained when called. God must equip us for ministry, and we see this is the case any time He calls an “unlikely” candidate. View Resource

  • Jesus, the Great Physician Devotional

    Mark 2:15-17

    In his commentary Mark, Dr. R.C. Sproul comments on the irony of today’s passage: the scribes “were the sickest of the sick, all the while thinking they had no need of a physician.” Spiritual blindness to our own condition must be overcome if we are to be saved from sin. As long as we do not believe we are sinners, we cannot receive the cure, for only those who know they need a cure will receive it. In order to move closer to God, we first have to confess how far away we are from Him. View Resource

  • The Proper Day for Fasting Devotional

    Mark 2:18-20

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage that “fasting and prayers are adapted to sorrow and adversity.” When the bridegroom was present, it was time to celebrate, and we will celebrate at the marriage supper of the Lamb when we see Jesus face-to-face (Rev. 19:1–8). Until then, while He is visibly absent, fasting is appropriate when we want to indicate the serious nature of particular prayers. While we wait for Christ’s return, there are right times to fast. View Resource

  • New Wine for New Wineskins Devotional

    Mark 2:21-22

    Dr. R.C. Sproul mentions in his commentary Mark that Jesus “was warning them that their King had come, and they would not be able to deal with this King unless they got rid of the structures that made it impossible for them to receive Him.” If our non-biblically mandated traditions are ends in themselves, they will keep us from seeing Jesus. Such things may themselves be fine, but if we make them unalterable, we will never be reformed according to God’s Word. View Resource

  • Picking Grain on the Sabbath Devotional

    Mark 2:23-26

    One fundamental error that most cults make is to take one passage of Scripture in isolation and exalt it over all others and at the expense of the meaning of other passages. But God has not given us only one passage. He has given us a canon of sixty-six books, and each passage must be interpreted in light of the whole of Scripture. Thus, we become better biblical interpreters the more of the Bible that we know. Let us study the whole counsel of God so that we might rightly understand it. View Resource

  • The Purpose of the Sabbath Devotional

    Mark 2:27

    We should look at the law and realize we cannot obey it perfectly for our justification. But the reason for our failure is not the impossibility of knowing the law itself but rather the presence of sin. Regenerate people are supposed to love the law of God (Ps. 119:97) and to find it a delight in their sanctification as they are conformed to the image of Christ. But if we treat God’s law as an end in itself and not as the means to know God, we will not know the law rightly or delight in it as we should. View Resource

  • Lord of the Sabbath Devotional

    Mark 2:28

    Among the other things we learn from today’s passage is that the proper interpretation of the Old Testament belongs to Jesus Himself. If He is the Son of God and incarnate second person of the Trinity, He is the author of this law and therefore understands it best. In our efforts to understand the Bible properly, we must look to how Jesus handles Scripture, for the principles that He employs give us the necessary tools to comprehend and apply God’s Word to our lives. View Resource