• Binding the Strong Man Devotional

    Mark 3:27

    We dare not underestimate the power and influence of Satan. Yet, we need not fear him either. He is the strong man whom Jesus has bound, and he is unable to hold on to what rightfully belongs to God and His people. We can preach the gospel with confidence, knowing that the Lord will use it to liberate sinners from the devil’s snare. If we trust in Christ, we are on His side, and He will give us victory over the devil and all his minions. View Resource

  • Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit Devotional

    Mark 3:28—30

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Mark, “Worrying about [whether one has committed the unforgivable sin] is one of the clearest evidences that [the troubled person has] not committed this sin, for those who commit it are so hardened in their hearts that they do not care that they commit it.” Blasphemers of the Holy Spirit are so hardened against God that they do not care about sin, so if we are repentant, we can be sure we have not blasphemed the Spirit. View Resource

  • The True Family of Jesus Devotional

    Mark 3:31-35

    Calvin comments that “every one who is regenerated by the Spirit, and gives himself up entirely to God for true justification, is thus admitted to the closest union with Christ, and becomes one with him.” We can respect the members of Jesus’ earthly family and honor them for their faith, but they are not more special to Him than any other disciple is. By grace, He guards all of His people as members of His family. View Resource

  • The Parable of the Sower Devotional

    Mark 4:1—9

    Understanding that God must give people hearts to believe releases us from many burdens. All we have to do is preach the gospel faithfully; we do not have to reinvent the wheel and come up with new techniques to get people to respond. We do not have to be clever or come up with ways to artificially increase church attendance. We just preach the gospel accurately and trust God to fulfill His purposes with it. View Resource

  • The Purpose of Parables Devotional

    Mark 4:10—12

    Many of us have the opportunity to teach the Word of God to others. Some of us serve as pastors, elders, Bible study leaders, or Sunday school teachers. Others of us teach our kids the truths of Scripture at home. No matter who we teach, it is a good thing to endeavor to teach in an understandable way. Nevertheless, we must remember that God alone chooses what kind of blessing His Word will bring. We are to be faithful and trust Him to make His Word effective. View Resource

  • The Path and Rocky Soil Devotional

    Mark 4:13—17

    In his sermon “The Seed upon Stony Ground,” C.H. Spurgeon notes that persecution can come in many forms, including the assaults of skeptics. He laments that “many hearers and receivers of the word have been destroyed by critical infidels. They knew nothing thoroughly, and so were readily deceived.” This points to the necessity of being well rooted in our faith so that we do not wither away under intellectual or physical assault. View Resource

  • The Thorns and the Harvest Devotional

    Mark 4:18—20

    None of us can anticipate the size of the harvest that will be produced when God’s Word meets good soil. The one thing we can be sure of, however, is that a harvest will come. We will not see in our lifetimes the full results of the harvest that the Lord produces when He sows His Word in us, but He sees it and He will graciously reward us. He gives the increase and He blesses us with a reward for the fruit He produces in us. View Resource

  • Secrets Made Manifest Devotional

    Mark 4:21–23

    Many believers have questions about the demonic such as “Can a Christian be demon-possessed?” The fact that Satan is not equal in power to God helps us understand that though the devil is mighty, He is still subject to the Lord’s sovereign control. God’s omnipotent care for His children means that believers cannot be possessed by demons and that no scheme of the evil one will result in his ultimate victory over God’s people. Safe in the hands of Jesus, we need not fear anything Satan can throw at us. View Resource

  • More to Those Who Have Devotional

    Mark 4:24–25

    God blesses us with the light of the revelation of His kingdom not so that we can be indifferent to it but so that we will respond to it in faith. However, He will not offer the kingdom to us forever. If we do not trust and follow Him today, we may not get the chance to do so tomorrow. Our goal should be immediate trust and obedience, but as only God can grant that, so let us pray for His Spirit to give us that gift. View Resource

  • Slow and Steady Growth Devotional

    Mark 4:26–29

    In various ways, the church is tempted to bring about the growth of the kingdom of God. Many will try to make the gospel less offensive or will try to use methods of growing the kingdom other than the ordinary means the Lord has given us. When we do this, however, any growth we see is almost certainly going to be superficial. Thus, we must preach the gospel faithfully and trust God for the harvest. Only then will lasting fruit result. View Resource

  • The Parable of the Mustard Seed Devotional

    Mark 4:30—32

    John Calvin comments on this parable that “the Lord opens his reign with a feeble and despicable commencement, for the express purpose, that his power may be more fully illustrated by its unexpected progress.” There is no other explanation for the growth of Christ’s kingdom other than that it is the work of God. The continued existence and growth of Christ’s church is a powerful confirmation of His gospel. View Resource

  • Speaking Ever in Parables Devotional

    Mark 4:33—34

    We who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone have the benefit of receiving the explanation of His teaching from Him. This does not occur by the impartation of secret knowledge available only to a select few; rather, it occurs by the illumination of the Holy Spirit as He takes the words of Christ and enables us to understand and believe them. He opens our eyes to the meaning of His Word. View Resource

  • Jesus Ceases a Storm Devotional

    Mark 4:35–40

    Part of the good news of the gospel is that it is not the strength of our faith that saves us but rather the Object of our faith. Our trust is often weak, and we sometimes fail to believe that God cares for us, just as the disciples doubted Christ’s care for them. Our salvation is not based on the power of our faith but on the power of our omnipotent Savior. Let us remember that precious truth even as we endeavor to grow in our trust in the Lord. View Resource

  • The Holiness of Christ Devotional

    Mark 4:35-41

    When we trust in Jesus, we are His holy people by God’s decree, and, over time, we become holy in our experience as we put sin to death and grow in likeness to Christ. In Jesus, we have a twofold hope: We can stand in the midst of God’s holiness unafraid. But we can also become holy as we obey Him in the Spirit’s power. This latter holiness does not get us into heaven; only on account of Christ’s righteousness can we be declared just before God. Still, we do grow in holiness as we follow Jesus. View Resource

  • The Holiness of Christ Devotional

    Mark 4:35–41

    One compelling evidence for the deity of Christ is that those who saw Him in His majesty reacted as Isaiah did when he was granted a vision of the Lord (see Isa. 6:1–6 and the passages for further study today). Jesus alone earned the merit by which we are justified and provides the power by which we are sanctified. As you read the imperatives to be holy in Scripture, remember only Christ can enable you to obey them. Ask Him to help you today. View Resource