• Obedience In Temptation Devotional

    Luke 4:1-3

    As we grow in our knowledge of and love for God’s Word, we grow in our ability to recognize the sin in our own hearts and to identify temptation when it confronts us. Growing in God’s Word also shows us God’s glory, convincing us that He is better than anything sin has to offer. If we want to grow stronger against sin, we must grow in our understanding of God’s Word View Resource

  • The Price of a Man Devotional

    Luke 4:1-13

    Voices all around us are tempting us to give up our integrity, especially when others are not looking. Satan tempted Jesus to give in when no one else was around, but He resisted the lie that He would not be sacrificing anything even if He alone would know about it. Are you faithful to the Lord even when you are alone? How are you tempted to give in when no one else is around, and what are you doing to avoid such temptations? View Resource

  • Domesticating Jesus Devotional

    Luke 4:16–30

    The Christian faith does not believe in an ethereal kind of salvation that only encompasses a world we cannot see. Instead, because God created everything good and because He purposes to redeem His creation, we know that the final redemption He brings will encompass all things. We are therefore concerned to be good stewards of the earth, not because we worship nature, but because they are gifts of God that will one day be restored to their fullness. View Resource

  • The Servant Comes to the Synagogue Devotional

    Luke 4:16–30

    When Christ came the first time, His primary aim was not condemnation. Condemnation was more of a secondary but inevitable consequence of rejecting His gracious salvation. “Whoever believes in [the Son] is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already” (John 3:18). But Jesus will return to judge creation, and many will be condemned then (Rev. 20:11–15). The only way to escape eternal condemnation is to bow the knee to Him as Lord today. View Resource

  • The Good News of the Gospel Devotional

    Luke 4:43

    In our next study, we will explore more aspects of the gospel that are developed in the New Testament. For now, let us note that the Old Testament background of the gospel means that the good news was not unknown under the old covenant. The gospel of God’s kingdom means that all His promises will be kept to those who enter His kingdom by faith in Christ alone. So, all the good things promised to the old covenant people will be ours in Christ Jesus. View Resource