• The Master Teacher Devotional

    Luke 24:13-15

    We’re warned in Scripture not to allow our hearts to become cold. The hearing of the Word should cause our hearts to burn as we see the sweetness of God. Take your spiritual temperature today. Is your heart warm toward God? Or does the Holy Spirit need to break through the cold, hard stone to bring warmth to your heart? View Resource

  • The Christ of the Prophets Devotional

    Luke 24:13-34

    Although Jesus fulfills many individual prophecies of the old covenant, we also follow Him because He fulfills the broad hopes revealed in the Old Testament prophetic literature. He is the One who, by His death, resurrection, and return, brings about the return from exile not only of Israel but also the whole world. At His return, creation will be released from its exile into sin and darkness, and we will enjoy to the fullest extent the redemption Christ has purchased for us. View Resource

  • The Road to Emmaus Devotional

    Luke 24:13–35

    How do you approach the study and preaching of Scripture? Do you trust the Holy Spirit to make your heart and mind receptive to its inspired words? Do you take time before church each Sunday to ask the Lord to make you attentive to the preacher so that you become a doer of the Word? Before you go to church this week, make sure to pray for your heart to be opened, then discuss what you learned from the sermon afterwards with friends or family. View Resource

  • Two Men See Jesus Devotional

    Luke 24:13-35

    It is easy to think that someone will believe if we can just amass enough evidence or make the best argument. God can and does use these means to bring people to faith, so we should be diligent in apologetics. At the same time, we should always remember to pray that the Spirit will move. People will not believe unless the Spirit gives them faith. View Resource

  • Authority and Canon Devotional

    Luke 24:36–49

    We can be certain that in His providence, God has provided us with all the special revelation He intended for His church to have. The people of God hear His voice in the 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New and rightly receive them as inspired. The church does not establish the Bible; rather, the sacred events and interpretation of redemptive history in the Bible establishes the church. Thank God today for the providential provision of His Word. View Resource

  • A Canon of Books Devotional

    Luke 24:36–49

    As scholars look at the issue of canon, they find that the church focused on three matters when receiving a book as Scripture—apostolic (or prophetic) authorship, its corporate use in the church, and the witness of the Holy Spirit to the truth of the work as inspired by God. God has confirmed our canon in many different ways, so we need not fear that we are missing something He wants us to have or are drawing doctrine from a book He did not reveal. View Resource

  • The Old Testament Canon Devotional

    Luke 24:44

    Jesus is our Lord, so if we are to be faithful to Him, we do not want to have an Old Testament canon that is any different than the one He had. The Apocryphal books can be useful as historical works and even as repositories of human wisdom, but they are not divinely inspired and cannot determine doctrine. We must derive our theology only from divinely inspired works, so let us be careful to prove all of our beliefs by the inspired Scriptures. View Resource