• The Parable of the Rich Fool Devotional

    Luke 12:13–21

    Scripture does not condemn wealth, which can be a great tool for the kingdom of God. Instead, it condemns those who serve their wealth, men and women who make it their god and do not thank the Lord for their possessions. Our Creator calls us to be thankful and generous people. If we are not, we are likely giving in to covetousness, and we must repent and seek to serve God with our riches. View Resource

  • The Theory of Value Devotional

    Luke 12:34

    Our work and purchasing serves to meet the needs of other people. Every time we buy something we put somebody, somewhere, to work. Yet each purchase we make also involves making a decision of what not to buy, since a dollar spent on one thing cannot be used for another. Our treasures, as today’s passage teaches, truly do indicate where our highest priorities lie. Where does your heart lie, according to your bank statement? View Resource

  • Valuing Goods and Services Devotional

    Luke 12:34

    Our subjective valuations can also come into play in how we show that we value God above all else. Some may prize one-on-one ministry so highly that they forgo a lucrative secular career for the simple life of a missionary. Others who value God’s kingdom equally highly may put less value on personal missions work. Thus, they become entrepreneurs and financially support many missionaries. There are many different ways to show that we value God and His kingdom above all else. View Resource