• Hope Amid the Ruins Devotional

    Lamentations 3:22–33

    The necessary response of a holy God to sin is wrath, not love. That means that the Lord’s choice to love His people is not the same as His choice to pour His wrath upon the impenitent. His choice to issue judgment is a necessary one based on the nature of the one being judged. His choice to love us is unnecessary and based wholly in Himself. We can trust Him to love us even when we fail and know that nothing—not even ourselves—can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • Daily Gifts Devotional

    Lamentations 3:23

    View Resource

  • Knowing Yourself Devotional

    Lamentations 3:40–66

    Are your work habits, spiritual duties and beliefs, recreational habits, etc., in accord with God’s will? Choose one area in question to focus on this week. Search the Scriptures for biblical principles to guide you. After you’ve studied relevant verses, what does your conscience tell you concerning your behavior? View Resource