• The Model Judge Devotional

    Judges 3:1–11

    God delights to use people to accomplish His purposes, but we should take care to give Him the credit. He empowers our faithfulness, and apart from Him we can do nothing. Let us take time today to thank the Lord for the ways in which He is using us, and let us ask Him to help us remember that we can be loyal servants of His only by His grace. View Resource

  • Ehud and Eglon Devotional

    Judges 3:12–30

    Eglon was defeated in a humiliating fashion, which shows us the seriousness with which God takes those who exalt themselves against Him and His people. The Lord laughs and holds His foes in derision (Ps. 2:4), and He was unafraid to humiliate the Moabites. We can take comfort in that fact. God laughs at the foes of Him and His people, so we know that however they may seem to prevail, in the end they will be brought to nothing. View Resource