• Jude, Brother of James Devotional

    Jude 1–2

    Take some time to read through the book of Jude today in preparation for this month’s study. Consider that Jude, out of humility, does not assert his physical kinship with Jesus but describes himself as a humble servant of the Lord. As we confront problems in the church, we should likewise be as concerned about humility as we are about the truth. Ask the Lord to remind you to be humble before Him, even as you stand for the truth of His Gospel. View Resource

  • Contend for the Faith Devotional

    Jude 3

    Take some time today to read through the epistle of Jude once more and at least one of the other General Epistles we have studied this past year. Ask the Lord to help you recall His apostles’ teaching as you go about your daily business, and pray you will not fall prey to false doctrine. Ask Him to help you love other believers more deeply and to motivate you to give generously of your time, effort, and resources for the propagation of the true Gospel. View Resource

  • Once For All Delivered Devotional

    Jude 3–4

    The faith that was once for all delivered to the saints is assaulted in a variety of ways in our day. Some overtly deny Gospel truth. Some add new revelations from the “spirit” or church tradition to the apostolic testimony. Some ignore their responsibility to become well-grounded in doctrine. Take some time to consider how you must contend for the faith where you live. Pray God would help you learn to stand for the faith established in His word. View Resource

  • The Trinity and Redemption Devotional

    Jude 5

    God’s people are important to Him. That is proven in the fact that all three persons act to save us. We are not important to the Lord because of anything we are in ourselves. Rather, having decided to save us, God makes us important to Him. Because all of God is involved in our salvation, we know that He pays attention to whatever we are doing, saying, or thinking. View Resource

  • Unbelief and Destruction Devotional

    Jude 5–7

    In commenting on verse 5, John Calvin tells us that “after having been called by God, we ought not to glory carelessly in his grace, but on the contrary, to walk watchfully in his fear; for if any trifles thus with God, the contempt of his grace will not be unpunished.” We should not fear the possibility of losing salvation, yet we must not think the grace of God is a license to sin, which would reveal us to be apostates lacking true, saving faith. View Resource

  • Blasphemous Judgments Devotional

    Jude 8–10

    Christians today often substitute other authorities for the authority of the Bible. Many in the Pentecostal movement base their doctrines more on visionary experiences than on the Word of God. Even among Reformed believers, there can be a tendency to spend more time studying systematic theology than Scripture. Make a plan to allow for the devotion of your time and effort to the study of God’s Word. View Resource

  • Woe to Them Devotional

    Jude 11–13

    Few of us would overtly rise up against godly churchmen like these men did by preaching false doctrine. Yet how many of us subtly disobey the authority of the elders in our churches by speaking ill of them or grumbling about their decisions? As others try to persuade you to murmur against godly church authorities, remember your responsibility to submit to the leaders God has appointed. If you have been divisive, do what you can to make amends. View Resource

  • Enoch Prophesied Devotional

    Jude 14–15

    All truth finds its origin in God Himself. Therefore, we should not be dismayed that Jude quotes from sources not inspired by God. We can be sure Jude, under the superintendence of the Holy Spirit, was able to sift the wheat from the chaff in these non-canonical sources. Thus his letter, like all of Scripture, remains authoritative. Thank the Lord for giving us His Word and study it so that you may apply its truth to your life. View Resource

  • Loud-Mouthed Boasters Devotional

    Jude 16

    While showing favoritism to those with power or money was normal for the false teachers Jude opposed, we do not have to be false teachers to commit this same error. How many of us consciously or unconsciously give deference to the more influential members of our congregations? How many of us neglect giving of our time and money to assist the needy? Find a local ministry that serves the poor in your community and donate some of your time and money to it. View Resource

  • Remember the Apostles Devotional

    Jude 17–19

    In our day, those who teach heresy often plead with evangelicals to remain in liberal churches so the church may put on a unified front. But those who remain committed to God’s Word are never the cause of separation; rather, those who deny Scripture create the divisions, for many church splits would not have happened if all teachers remained committed to apostolic doctrine. Do what you can to encourage fidelity to the Bible in your denomination. View Resource

  • Build Yourselves Up Devotional

    Jude 20–21

    Building ourselves up in the most holy faith provides the content we need to refute falsehoods. Praying in the Spirit gives us the power we need to stand firm. As we keep ourselves in the love of God, our assurance of the truth of God grows and enables us more confidently to proclaim it. Looking forward to the mercy at the last day gives us hope that our faith in Christ will prevail. Find a small group to encourage you to do these things and stand for the truth. View Resource

  • Have Mercy Devotional

    Jude 22–23

    Think of someone who may fall into any of the three categories listed in today’s study. What has your attitude been toward that person? Have you gone after them in order to help rescue them from perdition? When you have dealt with someone having doubts, have you been insensitive? Do you pray regularly for those who are denying the faith by word or deed? Take time to pray for wisdom, and then do what you can to help lead a sinner to repentance. View Resource

  • Now to Him Devotional

    Jude 24–25

    God’s ability to keep His people from falling away is a source of profound comfort to believers. However, we must not think we can be passive with respect to our salvation. Though our efforts do not merit God’s favor, His preserving work is demonstrated as we pursue Christ and His Law. Consider today any persistent sin with which you are dealing. Seek accountability with a close friend so you may overcome it, and ask others to pray for you in this matter. View Resource