• The Israelites Conquer Ai Devotional

    Joshua 8:1–29

    Being a member of the visible covenant community does not mean that one will necessarily escape God’s curse. God will destroy His enemies, and His enemies include those who profess to follow Him and yet do not come to saving faith, demonstrating the reality of their faith by obeying the commandments of the Lord. We must possess faith, not merely profess it, and we must prove that faith by obeying the Lord lest we end up like Achan or the king of Ai. View Resource

  • Covenant Renewal on Ebal Devotional

    Joshua 8:30–35

    Matthew Henry sees in today’s passage and its covenant renewal worship service a model for our participation in worship. Given that all Israel was there, even the children, Henry says that “all that are capable of learning must come to be taught out of the law.” All of God’s people—children and adults—should participate in the corporate worship of our God. View Resource