• Judah’s Inheritance Devotional

    Joshua 15:1–12

    Judah, being a populous tribe, was given a big territory—and a big responsibility. It was stationed on the border between Israel and some of its fiercest enemies. The Bible declares that ” ‘to whom much is given, from him much will be required’ ” (Luke 12:48). Think today about what you guard. What does God require of you? View Resource

  • Territory for Judah Devotional

    Joshua 15

    Biblical religion is not about an ethereal faith that never intersects with the physical world. The Bible is concerned with concrete realities, and we are even promised a new heaven and earth (Rev. 21). God cares about the land, sea, air, and creatures that He has made, and the meek—His people—will inherit the earth. We are stewards of His creation who must pay close attention to caring for it well (Matt. 5:5). View Resource

  • Caleb’s Successes Devotional

    Joshua 15:13-19

    Caleb was not concerned solely with his own interests. Clearing his own land of the giants, he pressed on to retake Debir. By so doing, he helped his tribe and brought glory to God. Do you take risks for the good of others and the honor of God? Study the verses below and prayerfully consider ways you may grow in this area. View Resource

  • Cities of Judah’s Land Devotional

    Joshua 15:20-63

    Have you ever tried to catalog your blessings? Why not do so? Actually write down the good things God has given to you, as many as you can think of: your spouse, your children, good friends, lessons you’ve learned, great books, artistic works that move you, and more. Use your list today and in the future to thank and praise God. View Resource