• An Incomplete Conquest Devotional

    Joshua 12:1–13:7

    The incomplete conquest under Joshua and the need to continue trusting in God in order to possess all of Canaan can illustrate the need to persevere in faith. It was not enough for Israel to succeed under Joshua. The people had to continue to believe in order to secure the whole inheritance. Similarly, our faith is not a one-time act. We must persevere daily in trusting in Christ. If we have truly trusted in Christ, we will certainly do that. View Resource

  • A Counting of Blessings Devotional

    Joshua 12

    “Count your blessings, name them one by one.” So the old hymn exhorts us—with valid Biblical warrant. We are to be thankful people, expressing gratitude to our God for His blessings, however small they may be. Not mechanically, but devotionally, thank God for the rich blessings that we all tend to take for granted. View Resource