• Salvation is of the LORD Devotional

    Jonah 1:17–2:10

    We bring nothing to the Lord when we come to Him for salvation. Even our faith, the instrument of our justification, is a gift from Him (Eph. 2:8–10). This is a great truth that we must tell ourselves repeatedly, for otherwise we will certainly forget it. One way we can do this is to consciously look for evidence of God’s grace in the stories recorded in Scripture. God’s grace to Jonah in saving him with the fish reminds us that salvation is all of Him. View Resource

  • God Rescues Jonah Devotional

    Jonah 2

    In His mercy, the Lord may discipline His people for sin in order that we may not fall further away. And as the example of Jonah indicates, He will also provide the rescue from this discipline by preserving us and moving us to repentance. If you are experiencing the corrective hand of the Lord today, turn from your sin that you might be restored. But do not delay, for while God will rescue His people, we can never use this as an excuse to remain disobedient. View Resource