• Doctrine Divides Devotional

    Jeremiah 6:1–15

    Christians have often divided over matters not essential to Christian orthodoxy and lobbed charges of heresy at one another. Such actions have created a distaste for theology in the minds of many people, and there is now a tendency to downplay any essential differences within the visible church because of all the vitriol shown over the less important points of doctrine. Let us be passionate for the truth, but let us not divide unless Christian orthodoxy is at stake. View Resource

  • The Ark and the City Devotional

    Jeremiah 6:6–30

    The Lord is slow to anger, and He is gracious and merciful, but we can never take advantage of that fact. True, there is no condemnation if we are in Christ, but that does not mean we will not feel the consequences of our actions. Moreover, if we sin boldly, presuming upon God’s forgiveness, it may mean that we have never known Christ. When we read the warnings to repent in Scripture, we prove our salvation by actually repenting. View Resource