• James, A Servant of God Devotional

    James 1:1

    Proper biblical interpretation requires that we understand the original circumstances surrounding a book’s composition. The meaning for the original audience sets the trajectory for how correct application is to be made today. The original audience, living in exile, needed to be reminded of how faith responds to such circumstances. As we study James, keep today’s discussion in mind so that we who are also in exile might better hear the voice of God through James. View Resource

  • The Acquisition of Wisdom Devotional

    James 1:1-12

    As has been taught, true wisdom is the combination of knowledge and practical experience. It requires involvement of people in the service of Christ’s disposal, allowing Him to deploy you in a variety of experiences where both wisdom and godly maturity may result. View Resource

  • The Author of James Devotional

    James 1

    If you have the opportunity today, read over the entire book of James and note some of its major themes. What concerns does James address which relate to you? Commit to focusing on those sins which James focuses on, and to begin changing those areas of your life. View Resource

  • The Benefits of Trials Devotional

    James 1

    Have you ever been through a time of suffering that left you a milder, more sober, more “centered” person than before? What “bad” aspects of your life were refined and what good aspects of your life were strengthened? As hard as it may be, strive to thank God for the trials He sovereignly brings into your life. View Resource

  • God and Sin Devotional

    James 1

    Think of a time in your life when you sinned and later saw how God brought good out of your sinful actions. Does God’s sovereign control in permitting your sin excuse your sin? How are you comforted knowing God controls even your sin? Again today, praise God for both His purity and His providence. View Resource

  • Trials of Various Kinds Devotional

    James 1:2-4

    Simply because faith is purified throughout life does not mean that our works contribute in any way to our justification. Rather, this teaching recognizes that we must continually strive to keep our faith in Christ alone. Many things come against us that tempt us to take our eyes off of Jesus and look for our hope in other places. If you are going through trials today, remember that God uses them to purify your faith and to lead you to trust in Him alone for deliverance. View Resource

  • Counting It All Joy Devotional

    James 1:2–8

    To be able to count it all joy, you have to be able to trust God. Do you have that kind of confidence in the sovereignty and goodness of God? Do you look to Christ in the midst of your sufferings, or do you tend to focus on the present situation until you are consumed by it? Ask God to help you rejoice in Him and to count it all joy. View Resource

  • Talk to Your Husband about His Sin Devotional

    James 1:5

    View Resource

  • Wisdom By Faith Devotional

    James 1:5–8

    In his comments on these verses, John Calvin writes, “our prayers are not heard by the Lord, except when we have a confidence that we shall obtain.” Are you confident in God’s ability to give you those things that He has promised when you ask for them? Or, do you doubt His goodness? If you lack wisdom today, ask the Lord confidently to bestow it upon you. If you lack confidence in the Lord, ask Him to renew your faith in His sovereign provision. View Resource

  • Praying in Faith Devotional

    James 1:5-8

    Many people today believe that Jesus promises them a high-paying job, a big house, health, and other physical blessings. They presume upon God’s grace, naming and claiming such things as their own. Yet while we may certainly ask for the aforementioned blessings and many others, the Lord never promises such things to us in this life. We cannot assume the Lord will give us everything we want but only those things He has specifically promised in His Word. View Resource

  • Proper Boasting Devotional

    James 1:9–11

    Without faith, we could never boast in our position in Christ. Rather, we would find other things, economic or not, in which to boast. Poverty and wealth are both trials that the Lord may send our way (James 1:2), trials that we must view properly from the perspective of faith. Whatever your economic situation, go before the Lord today, and ask Him where your boasting lies. Then, begin to allot your resources in a manner that reflects your boast in His kingdom. View Resource

  • The Crown of Life Devotional

    James 1:12

    What are the trials in your life? Are you currently facing some sort of persecution for your faith in Christ? Do you find yourself suffering from an illness? Is a lack of money causing you to doubt, or is the fact that you lack nothing causing you to rely more on yourself than on God? Whatever your circumstances may be, go to the Lord in prayer, and ask Him for the courage to stand firm in the midst of trial. Then go and encourage others to cling to Christ in their trials as well. View Resource

  • The Goodness of God Devotional

    James 1:12–18

    God’s love is not a wishy-washy love that overlooks evil. Even in His love, God manifests His justice. He does not love sinners without dealing with their sin, and if we are in Christ, our sin has been dealt with in our Savior’s atonement. Let us proclaim all aspects of God’s goodness and call people to repent so that they will receive God’s goodness and His mercy. View Resource

  • The Gifts God Gives Devotional

    James 1:12-18

    James focuses here on one excuse we may use to rationalize our sin. We are not only practiced sinners but practiced rationalizers. We do not hesitate to blame our environment or genetics or the sovereignty of God. Some even claim, “The devil made me do it.” Take responsibility for your sin. Only then can you truly repent. View Resource

  • God is Good Devotional

    James 1:12-18

    By faith we perceive that God is good, even when we are walking through the most difficult trials. If you are having difficulty seeing the goodness of the Lord in your current situation, know that His mercies are new every morning and that He will never leave or forsake His children (Deut. 31:8; Heb. 13:5). May we continuously praise Him for His love, which has been poured out upon us in Christ Jesus and thus will never be withheld from us. View Resource