• A Child is Born Devotional

    Isaiah 9:1–7

    Some have argued that today’s passage predicts the birth of King Hezekiah, but given the failures of even righteous Hezekiah (Isa. 39), it is clear that these verses must refer ultimately to the Son of David, who is also the Son of God. We are human beings who are prone to put our trust in princes of this earth, but this passage reminds us that only Jesus deserves our full, unquestioning allegiance. We serve the King of kings, and may we not forget that in this troubled world. View Resource

  • The Messiah in Prophecy Devotional

    Isaiah 9:1–7

    In this fallen world, people long for peace between family members, between coworkers, and between neighbors. Lasting peace is possible, however, only through submission to the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus. When we bow to Him in faith, we are put at peace with our Creator, and we are called to announce His reign so that others may know His peace. Let us seek to tell others about the Prince of Peace this day. View Resource

  • The King Shall Come Devotional

    Isaiah 9:6–7

    Jesus is the “Prince of Peace” for all those who come to Him on His terms. Sometimes, however, we find that we are not at peace with those who refuse to follow Him. This is because the Prince of Peace bears a sword — love and obedience to Him is unacceptable to those who hate Him, and they will often be hostile to us (Matt. 10:34–39). When this happens, we must hold to the truth and never compromise it for the sake of a peace that cannot last. View Resource

  • The Coming Mighty God Devotional

    Isaiah 9:6-7

    There is much that we can learn about the person and work of Christ by studying the titles given to Him in Scripture. This task entails studying the Old Testament background of the New Testament titles given to Jesus. Passages such as Isaiah 9:6–7 provide this background information, and there are many others to consider. If you want to know Jesus better, spend time in the Old Testament looking at what it has to say about His names and titles. View Resource