• Righteousness and life Devotional

    Isaiah 8

    Scripture often speaks of God doing a new thing (Isa. 43:19), but this does not mean He is working in an entirely unprecedented manner. Instead, it means that there are connections to the way God has worked in the past, even though His works today are so much greater in scope and effect that we can regard them as “new.” This is a great comfort for us, for if we know that God works in us in ways that He worked in the past, then we can trust Him to be faithful to His people. View Resource

  • Honoring God’s Holy Name Devotional

    Isaiah 8:13

    Fundamentally, revering God as holy means trusting His promises and obeying His commandments. In other words, we must recognize first that He is holy and that we are unholy, and we must rest only in His Son, Christ Jesus, in order to be rescued from our unholiness. Consequently, we must take all aspects of His holy worship seriously, seeking to please Him in our corporate praise and going forth to declare His glorious holiness to the nations. View Resource