• No Other Gods Devotional

    Isaiah 45:1–7

    God is the only God who is; therefore, every other lesser “god” will, in the end, bring only disappointment. It is tragic that so many people have run after gods who cannot satisfy, and it is even more tragic when professing believers exalt that which is empty over the Father who sent His Son to give life to His people. Are you serving gods today that cannot satisfy, and if so, why are you waiting to put them away? View Resource

  • Cyrus, the Lord’s Anointed Devotional

    Isaiah 45:1–13

    It might be a clichè to say that we should “expect the unexpected.” Yet because God is fully sovereign, there is a real sense in which we should expect Him to act in ways we have not anticipated because His decree controls what happens, not what we think His decree should be. This truth is comforting, for it means that the Lord can do what we might consider impossible, not the least of which is to save His people without compromising His justice or mercy. View Resource

  • Jesus The Messiah Devotional

    Isaiah 45:1-13

    In his lecture on Isaiah 45, Martin Luther draws another parallel between Jesus and Cyrus: “Just as Cyrus would by his power and his expense set them free, so Christ would redeem us by His Word and grace, without cost.” Luther affirms that there is no cost that we pay for our salvation, for Jesus paid it all. Because God’s deliverance through Christ is perfect, there is no price we pay for eternal life. All we must do is believe in Jesus and we will be saved. View Resource

  • God or Chance? Devotional

    Isaiah 45

    Read Amos 4:6–10; Hebrews 12:5–11; and 1 Peter 1:6–7. From these passages why might God cause “bad things” to happen? What should our response be when we are confronted with difficult circumstances? Work to recognize God’s hand in your affairs and praise Him that nothing is beyond His control. View Resource

  • The One and Only God Devotional

    Isaiah 45:5

    It is not enough to believe in a generic God or to affirm any form of monotheism other than the monotheism of Scripture. There are many monotheists who will die in their sin because they believe in God but not in the true God, the covenant Lord of Israel. Salvation is only in His name, so when we proclaim the existence of God and defend it against detractors, let us be insistent that we are proclaiming that the one God is the God revealed in Scripture. View Resource

  • Sovereign Over Evil Devotional

    Isaiah 45:7

    God is not pleased with evil in and of itself, but He does govern it so as to bring about greater goods. We can be confident, therefore, that the hardest things we endure are not brought our way in vain. God will work in and through them to bring about much ultimate good for us and much final glory for Himself. View Resource

  • The Salvation of the World Devotional

    Isaiah 45:14–25

    Those of us from Gentile backgrounds who serve Christ probably do not consider this fact often enough: We are fulfillments of God’s promises to His people. The Lord promised that the nations would serve Him, and as men and women from all nations are converted, this promise is kept. Of course, this is not due to anything in us, for it is all by God’s grace. Still, it is an immense privilege to be a fulfillment of God’s promise, and we should never tire of thanking Him for that. View Resource