• Worthless Egypt Devotional

    Isaiah 30:1–7

    For Judah, trusting in Egypt was foolhardy as well as sinful. Egypt could provide no real help, for it was a shadow of its former self. Poetically, Isaiah describes Egypt as the normally terrifying sea monster Rahab who has been forced to sit still and cannot provide the assistance Judah needs (Isa. 30:7). The lesson for us is relatively obvious. We must not rest our ultimate hope in other people or things but in the Lord Jesus Christ Himself alone. Only He has the power to save. View Resource

  • Seek the Lord’s Will First Devotional

    Isaiah 30:1-7

    When you have a problem, do you seek God in prayer and read His Word first, or do you run to a friend or magazine (even Christian ones)? While there is nothing wrong with going to friends for advice, the point is that you are to make God a priority. Humbly seek His will through prayer and reading the Word. View Resource

  • Despising God’s Word Devotional

    Isaiah 30:8–17

    Read today’s passage out loud and consider how it seems to be describing the day in which we live. As we choose our favorite teachers, do we prefer those who speak “smooth words” rather than the truth? Do we want the Gospel preaching of the church to be silenced so that we don’t need to be reminded of our sin? Let it never be! View Resource

  • The Lord of Grace, Mercy, and Justice Devotional

    Isaiah 30:18

    God must give us new hearts if we are to repent (Eph. 2:8–10). But once these hearts are ours, we must turn to Him for salvation both from His wrath and our enemies. He will deliver us if we patiently trust in Him. John Calvin writes that those “who allow themselves to be hurried away by impatience, and do not repent of their crimes and their wickedness, are wretched and miserable, and will at length perish; for without hope in God there can be no salvation or happiness.” View Resource

  • The Lord will be Merciful Devotional

    Isaiah 30:18-26

    Are you anxious about what God is going to do to your nation and how He is going to discipline His people? Are you alarmed by circumstances around you that seem to be swirling out of control? Trust in the Lord and decide to act as if you are trusting Him. Memorize one of the verses below. View Resource