• Israel, the Son of God Devotional

    Hosea 11:1–7

    New Testament fulfillment language does not always mean a prophet directly saw an aspect of Jesus’ ministry. When the Apostles say Christ fulfilled a prophecy, they sometimes mean that He is the true realization of a particular old covenant theme or institution. Looking for such things when we read the Old Testament helps us better understand Christ’s work. These themes and institutions include such things as exodus, exile, restoration, prophet, priest, king, temple, and Israel. View Resource

  • Jesus The True Israel Devotional

    Hosea 11:1

    Ultimately, the Israel of God is not an ethnic designation but a spiritual one. God’s covenant people includes all those who put their faith in the true fulfillment of Israel, Jesus our Lord. Together, Jews and Gentiles united to Christ have a common and exalted end. Let us rejoice in our status as the Israel of God and work to break down needless divisions in the body of Christ. God’s people are one Israel in the Savior. View Resource

  • God Calls His Son Devotional

    Hosea 11

    Our culture’s leaders tell us that we need salvation from poverty, corruption, terrorism, and a host of other societal ills. However, while we do not want to downplay the severity of these ills and the desirability of rescue from them, the real things we need salvation from are the powers of sin and death. Let us be clear about the gravity of sin and our need for rescue from eternal death as we preach the gospel to ourselves and others. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Tender Compassion Devotional

    Hosea 11:8–12

    We must be profoundly grateful for the grace of God, for it means He does not give up on those whom He loves even though we do much every day that should prompt Him to abandon us. This is a great comfort indeed, and it should motivate us to love and obey Him all the more out of thankfulness for His great grace. As we meditate on the Lord’s grace and love, let us be inspired to show love in return, for He is a good God indeed. View Resource