• Rueben Gets His Due Devotional

    Genesis 49:1–4

    As John Chrysostom preached, Reuben shows us that “no advantage comes to us from natural advantage unless accompanied by good deeds of free will” (Homilies on Genesis, 67.5). We cannot expect to escape God’s discipline when we transgress His will. Unconfessed sin bears rotten fruit on earth, though not necessarily right away. If you are suffering the consequences of your actions, do not consider God unjust and trust Him to work out His good will in your life. View Resource

  • The Twelve Tribes of Israel Devotional

    Genesis 49:1-28

    Because we are grafted into the tree of Israel by faith when we trust in Christ alone, we can be assured that we will enjoy the future glory promised to Israel. Even when things look darkest for the church, we know that the days to come will see victory for the Lord and His people. Let us not be discouraged when we fall or see the world crumbling around us, for God has promised to exalt His people Israel on that final day. View Resource

  • Simeon and Levi Divided Devotional

    Genesis 49:5–7

    The different destinies of Levi and Simeon show that Jacob’s words could be tempered by grace. Though cursed and scattered, Levi was later exalted not of his own merits but because of the Lord’s mercy. Our God is one who is delighted to extend His grace, and we should not be shocked when the most wicked sinners embrace His mercy. With our prayers and gifts, let us support the church’s outreach to those who seem to be the farthest from the kingdom. View Resource

  • Judah’s Scepter Devotional

    Genesis 49:8–12

    The King and His kingdom will be the subject of tomorrow’s study. For now, consider that Judah’s repentance and exaltation illustrates the biblical principal that “whoever humbles himself will be exalted” (Matt. 23:12). Judah’s greatest son, Jesus of Nazareth, is the final object of this prophecy, but we too will be lifted up if we humble ourselves in service to the Father as He did. Humility and self-sacrifice is the only path to exaltation. View Resource

  • The Messiah’s Kingdom Devotional

    Genesis 49:13

    Ambrose of Milan comments on today’s passage, saying Jesus “is the Lord by nature but a brother by grace” (The Patriarchs, 4.17). God is not a person with whom contact is impossible; He is not “wholly other.” Without sacrificing His kingly rule, God chose to become incarnate as one of us, yet without sin, in order to defeat sin and death and reconcile His people. In coming as a son of Judah, the Son enables us by faith to be His brother and friend (John 15:15). View Resource

  • Issachar’s Servitude Devotional

    Genesis 49:14–15

    What do you desire for yourself and your family? Are you looking to maintain a comfortable existence? Are you unwilling to take a risk by sharing Christ with friends and neighbors? If you have children, will you be disappointed if they forego a well-paying career in order to become a missionary or do other ministry work? Let us endeavor, by the help of God’s Spirit, to love Christ above all so that we never turn from Him and become slaves to the world’s values. View Resource

  • Dan the Serpent Devotional

    Genesis 49:16–17

    Hebrews 12:1–2 says the Christian life is a marathon. Even though all with true faith are justified in God’s sight and are secure in their salvation from the moment they first trust Jesus, believers are not those who “make a decision for Christ” and then live a life indistinguishable from the world around them. Those with true faith persevere until the end, and only those who persevere until the end have true faith. Press on today and obey the Lord. View Resource

  • Gad, Asher, and Naphtali Devotional

    Genesis 49:18-21

    Matthew Henry reflects on the different skills and personalities of Jacob’s sons in Genesis 49. “Among God’s Israel then,” he writes, “is to be found a great variety of dispositions, contrary to each other, yet all contributing to the beauty and strength of the body.” Indeed, we know that the Lord will use our differences to build up the body of Christ today. How is God using your unique gifts and personality for the benefit of other believers? View Resource

  • Joseph, a Fruitful Bough Devotional

    Genesis 49:22–26

    Our Savior said that “the one who endures to the end will be saved” (Matt. 24:13). Confessing Christ once is not enough, our profession of faith is useless if we do not possess a living faith in God and His promises (James 2:14–26). We must rely daily on the hand that sustained Joseph and heed the warnings of Scripture so that we will persevere. What evidence is there in your life that you trust in the Lord alone for every good thing? View Resource

  • Benjamin the Wolf Devotional

    Genesis 49:27

    For good or for ill, mothers and fathers have the greatest influence on their children. If parents imitate the example of the righteous and trust in the Lord and His promises, their children will be far more likely to follow the risen Christ. Those parents who love the Lord in words only and repeat the sins and addictions of their fathers will likely provoke their children to evil. Be mindful of the example you set for your children and other young people. View Resource

  • Jacob’s Last Words Devotional

    Genesis 49:28–50:3

    Matthew Henry comments: “It is proper to show our respect to the poor body, of which we look for a glorious and joyful resurrection.” Scripture does not forbid cremation, but most Christians have buried their dead for the same reasons ancient Israel did. In any case, our physical bodies are not ignoble homes for the soul. Belief in a future resurrection on a renewed earth is made manifest when we take good care of ourselves — body and spirit. View Resource