• Two New Prisoners Devotional

    Genesis 40:1–4

    Though time in prison could make anyone discouraged, Joseph does not waver from his consistent service. No matter the work he was given to do — overseer of the prison or attendant to the cupbearer and baker — Joseph continued to serve others and wait on the Lord. We should expect nothing less since patience has always been a distinguishing mark of God’s people (Gal. 5:22). Do you patiently wait for our Father to act or do you try to force His hand? View Resource

  • Special Revelation Devotional

    Genesis 40

    Many people are looking for a revelation from God in our day. We do not need to go looking for new special revelation, however, for we have all the revelation for how to serve God available to us in Scripture. If we want to know the will of God for our salvation and for our lives, we must study and know the Old and New Testaments. View Resource

  • The Man of Compassion Devotional

    Genesis 40:5–8

    The empathy that helps us minister to others is worked in us by the Holy Spirit as we seek to model the compassion of Christ and as He comforts us in our own sufferings. Indeed, as Matthew Henry comments, “Communion in sufferings helps to work compassion towards those who do suffer.” The problems and tragedies we face help us to learn to minister to other people. When you suffer, ask God to use the experience to increase your compassion for others. View Resource

  • Joseph’s Plea for Help Devotional

    Genesis 40:9–15

    In response to those who said God’s sovereignty over death makes it useless to do anything to prevent that death, John Calvin wrote that we must avail ourselves of any chance we have to preserve our lives. We must not rush headlong into the disasters God warns us about, for the Lord has called us to protect ourselves (Institutes, 1.17.4). In other words, God’s providence does not mean that our deeds are pointless. We are responsible to act for the sake of the kingdom. View Resource

  • The Bearer of Bad News Devotional

    Genesis 40:16-19

    We Reformed Christians are known for our concern for precision in theology and for seeking to preach the unvarnished Word of God. These are good traits indeed. However, we must likewise be eager to hear hard truths when they are delivered to us. None of us likes to be warned or rebuked, and it can be easy to follow after teaching that pleases our ears but does not really meet the needs of our souls. Let us heed Scripture even when it is difficult to do so. View Resource

  • Joseph Forgotten? Devotional

    Genesis 40:20–23

    Isaiah 49:15 tells us that the unthinkable may even happen at times — a mother forgets her nursing baby. But God will never forget His people. Even when we do not see His helping hand, the Lord remembers us in our trials and afflictions. The assurance Moses gives us that God was with Joseph (Gen. 39:21) is for all those who trust Jesus. Do not despair, no matter what is happening to you, for the sovereign Lord of all can by no means ever forget you (Heb. 13:5). View Resource