• Glorifying God in Worship Devotional

    Genesis 4:1–16

    In worship, we may say all the right things in our liturgies, but if our hearts are not in it, the Lord is displeased with our offering of praise. Similarly, our hearts may be fully into worshiping God, but if we entertain falsehood in our worship or praise Him in a manner that is not sanctioned in Scripture, we displease our Creator. We must emphasize both heartfelt praise of our Creator and worship that is structured according to His Word. View Resource

  • An Honorable Offering Devotional

    Genesis 4:1–16

    There are many demands upon us all, and it can be tempting to offer God only what is left over of our time, energy, and funds. But we do this because we do not revere Him as we ought. Yet while we should not be fearful of God’s condemnation as His children, we betray a lack of love for God and His people if we do not put Him first. Let us give our first and best to the Lord from our time, energy, funds, and so on. View Resource

  • An Honorable Offering Devotional

    Genesis 4:1–16

    Though we cannot truly separate internal attitudes from external actions, we must note that what the Lord desires most of all is a heart devoted to Him. Our outward actions generally reveal the intent of our hearts, but it is possible just to go through the motions without being truly passionate for the things of God. Consider your attitude in worship this day. Is the praise of God your highest joy? Endeavor, by the Spirit, to devote your heart totally to the Lord. View Resource

  • The Offering God Seeks Devotional

    Genesis 4:1–16

    God is worthy of the very best we have to offer Him, so we should strive to give Him our best in worship. If we treat the Lord as an afterthought, we run the real risk of falling into worship that does not please Him. We must continually search our hearts, asking the Lord to give us the willingness to worship Him with our whole being and to repent when we fall short. View Resource

  • Worship from the Heart Devotional

    Genesis 4:1–5

    It is a good thing for corporate worship to become part of the weekly routine of the Christian. However, the fact that worship becomes routine and regular tempts us to be distracted during worship and to go through the motions without putting much thought into it. Therefore, we must work as hard as we can to make sure that our hearts and minds are in our praise. Let us focus entirely on the Lord as we worship Him in spirit and truth. View Resource

  • The First Family Devotional

    Genesis 4:1-2

    Even though the firstborn son had certain legal privileges and responsibilities (Deut. 21:15–17), God commonly does the unexpected in Scripture and chooses the younger over the older (Gen. 25:19–26; Rom. 9:13). Among other things, this tells us we cannot trust in our position but only in the promises of the Lord. Are you counting on your church membership or family position to get you into heaven? Remember that only your faith in Christ justifies you. View Resource

  • The Breath of Life Devotional

    Genesis 4:2-9

    Again in today’s passage we see the proclamation of God’s life-giving rule over the entire creation right at the beginning of His creation of man. As servants of the one God, Israel’s role in declaring and manifesting His rule to the nations would later be affirmed explicitly in the covenant with Moses (Ex. 34:10) and in the new covenant with Christ (Matt. 24:14). Spend some time praying for non-Christian friends and seek to share the Gospel with them. View Resource

  • Cain and His Offering Devotional

    Genesis 4:3-5

    John Calvin comments on today’s verses, writing that when God sees false worship, “combined with gross and manifest mockery of himself, it is not surprising that he hates it and is unable to bear it.” If we do not give that which is costly, the Lord is not pleased with our praise. Do you freely give of your time, money, and efforts to the spread of the Gospel? This week, forego a discretionary expense and give the money to a missionary, church, or another Christian work. View Resource

  • Rule Over It Devotional

    Genesis 4:5-6

    David’s wicked affair with Bathsheba and involvement in the death of Uriah (2 Sam. 11) began with an “innocent” glance at the woman’s beauty (v. 2). If we are not careful with what we look at, listen to, or think about, we may also join the list of believers who introduced tragedy into their lives due to the temporary reign of sin. If you struggle with a persistent sin, turn it over to God today, lest it master you. If necessary, seek accountability and counseling to overcome it. View Resource

  • Cain Rose Up Devotional

    Genesis 4:8

    How do you read the warnings of sacred Scripture? Do you take them seriously or do you assume that you are incapable of the sins of someone like David or Peter? What about public worship? Do you continue hating your brother when you bring your sacrifices of praise, or do you endeavor to first make peace with him? Take some time to consider your need to open your heart to God, and then ask Him to grant you the courage to act according to His warnings. View Resource

  • The Blood of Abel Devotional

    Genesis 4:9-12

    Psalm 90:8 is a powerful reminder of our Lord’s all-seeing gaze. Though we might think we can sin in secret, God knows every evil deed we commit, even if no one else on the planet finds out. How have you transgressed the Lord in private? Do you honestly believe our Creator is not watching every thing you do? As you go about your daily business remember that God sees everything you do, and therefore your best attempt to hide your sin is useless. View Resource

  • A Mark on Cain Devotional

    Genesis 4:13-16

    Do you believe that you are self-sufficient? Do you really think that you can live without God and the assistance He provides through His people? Though we try to be strong and handle everything ourselves, attempts at complete self-sufficiency are actually a display of weakness. If you need help overcoming a sin or managing your circumstances, quit trying to do it on your own. When your church asks you to help others, heed the call. View Resource

  • The First City Devotional

    Genesis 4:17-22

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage, saying that in Cain’s line “we see, at the present time, that the excellent gifts of the Spirit are diffused through the whole human race.” Although we must be ever aware of the blasphemy of which sinful civilization is capable, we must not disregard the discoveries and creations of non-believers. Thank the Lord for human creativity and endeavor to make wise use of knowledge and the arts. View Resource

  • Lamech’s Arrogance Devotional

    Genesis 4:23–24

    Modern man falsely assumes the Lord will never repay him for his wickedness. Instead of repenting of their sin, the impious, as John Calvin writes, “rage against those chastisements of God, which ought at least to render them gentle.” Yet even Christians who do not arrogantly flout God’s law often transgress it while believing they will face no consequences. Ask the Lord to make you revere His law and endeavor with all your might never to presume upon His kindness. View Resource

  • The Birth of Seth Devotional

    Genesis 4:25–26

    Righteous parents do not always raise righteous children. However, those who do raise their sons and daughters in the fear and admonition of the Lord will often see them follow Christ throughout their lives. As a parent, do you take your task of instructing your children in holiness seriously, or do you depend on others to accomplish the task? Equip yourself so that you may disciple your kids, and if you do not have children, seek to disciple others in your congregation. View Resource