• Wicked Sons of Judah Devotional

    Genesis 38:1–11

    Paul tells us that anyone who fails to provide for his family has denied the faith and is “worse than an unbeliever” (1 Tim. 5:8). Onan was killed when he would not give a son to Er or a provider for Tamar, and so we must not take a failure to provide for our families lightly. Note that provision is much more than just food and shelter. God will also reckon with us if we fail to spend quality time with spouses and children or do not point them to Christ (1 Sam. 3:10–14). View Resource

  • Desperate Measures Devotional

    Genesis 38:12–19

    Our role in redemptive history does not hinge on us acting boldly to raise up physical offspring for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. However, this has not eliminated His call for us to take daring moves of faith. Like Tamar (Gen. 38:24), we may be forced to put our lives or livelihood on the line in order to do what is right or to stand up for Christ. Have you ever stepped out in faith in a way that has cost you? Is Jesus calling you to make a bold move for His sake today? View Resource

  • Judah Repents Devotional

    Genesis 38:20–26

    Judah’s disobedient refusal to give Tamar a husband showed his faith was weak (James 2:14–26). We likewise show our faith to be wanting when we sin. Like Judah, we should be willing to confess our sins before God and others whom we trust when the Spirit pricks our consciences. John Calvin writes: “Truth should so far prevail with us, that we should not be ashamed to confess, before the whole world, those sins with which God charges us.” View Resource

  • God’s Grace and Reward Devotional

    Genesis 38:27-30

    Judah is one of many figures in history who shows us that there are no sinners too wicked for God to redeem. Those who commit the most horrific crimes can still be transformed and renewed when they repent and turn to Christ. If this is true, then we should never think that the Lord cannot convert and sanctify even the chief of sinners. Do not give up praying for and reaching out to even the vilest offenders of God’s law. View Resource