• Joseph’s Colorful Coat Devotional

    Genesis 37:1–4

    John Chrysostom comments: “Envy is a terrible passion, you see, and when it affects the soul, it does not leave it before bringing it to an extremely sorry state” (Homilies on Genesis, 61.4). In due time the jealousy Joseph’s brothers have for him will morph into a desire to kill him. Envy can indeed provoke a great many sins. Do you find yourself jealous of another’s position or power this day? Repent and ask the Lord to help you be content with where He has you. View Resource

  • The Dreamer Devotional

    Genesis 37

    The jealousy of Joseph’s brothers — exacerbated by Jacob’s favoritism — led to their selling him into slavery and subsequent lies that a wild animal had killed him. Though we cannot blame their sin on Jacob, the story does illustrate the negative consequences when parents favor one child over another. Parents should take care not to commit this error by actively seeking to praise the unique gifts of each of their children. View Resource

  • Dreams of the Future Devotional

    Genesis 37:5–11

    John Calvin writes: “It often happens that they who are ill-disposed, quickly perceive what is the will of God: but, because they feel no reverence, they despise it.” Not surprisingly, Joseph’s brothers, blinded by sin, reject the Lord’s revelation and hate His servant. Unfortunately, when we are doing a task for the Lord we may also face opposition. So do not be alarmed if this happens and do not inflame others with the same arrogant attitude Joseph had. View Resource

  • Joseph Goes to Dothan Devotional

    Genesis 37:12–17

    Joseph’s haughtiness only worsened his precarious situation and shows us the danger of pride. As Christians, we should be the most humble of all people, especially as we deal with non-believers. Some will think us arrogant simply for asserting that Jesus alone is the way to salvation, but we must not fuel this belief with a prideful attitude. We are not better or smarter than others because we know Christ, and so we must never act as if we are inherently superior to anyone. View Resource

  • A Brother Ambushed Devotional

    Genesis 37:18–24

    John Calvin comments, “The characters of men are not to be estimated by a single act, however atrocious, so as to cause us to despair of their salvation.” Like Reuben, believers today can fall into gross sin. But they may also be forgiven and restored upon repentance. Has someone harmed you, repented, and endeavored to make amends? Forgive him if you have not yet done so. If you have sinned grievously, know that God always forgives the repentant. View Resource

  • Off to Egypt Devotional

    Genesis 37:25–28

    Joseph may have been a spoiled brat at times, but he by no means deserved the suffering inflicted upon him. Though we do sin, there are also times when we will face pain from others that is undeserved. Yet though we do not discount the difficulty of these times, they are occasions to rejoice. For when we suffer undeservedly, we imitate Christ who chose to enter this world and endure pain even though He alone was truly and completely innocent. View Resource

  • An Inconsolable Father Devotional

    Genesis 37:29–36

    Though as good as dead, Joseph is alive and will be used to bring life to Egypt and his kin (Gen. 50:20). How much greater, then, is Christ who actually died before rising again to give us life? John Calvin says regarding Genesis 37:6 that “the Lord performs his work by wonderful and unusual modes; and…brings forth the salvation of his Church: not from magnificent splendor, but from death and the grave.” God loves to bring good from evil and life from death. View Resource