• Jacob and the Angels Devotional

    Genesis 32:1-5

    We must never forget that the host of heaven fights for the people of God in their war against the principalities and powers who enslave the human race (Eph. 6:12). In accordance with the Lord’s sovereign will, they keep watch over us to help promote our final good. Though sometimes God permits them to let danger and trouble come our way for the sake of His good plan, we can nonetheless be assured we have powerful allies in the fight against the enemy. View Resource

  • Jacob’s Transformation Devotional

    Genesis 32:6-12

    John Calvin wrote that those who think faith is exempt from fear have had no real experience of living by faith. After all, God nowhere promises that we will not suffer or become afraid in this life. What He does promise is that fear will not prevail and thereby overwhelm us in despair. You can know that your faith is real if in your fear you continue to pray and do the right thing. Confess your fears to the Lord and ask Him to help you overcome them. View Resource

  • Jacob’s Gift Devotional

    Genesis 32:13–21

    Jacob’s attempt to buy off his brother shows how little he trusted God to keep him safe as he returned to the Promised Land. He goes too far in trying to make amends with Esau, unconsciously showing a willingness to give up the blessing the Lord brought to him in Paddan-aram. Do you trust God to provide for you even if you have greatly displeased Him? If you have come to rely on Christ alone do not be like Jacob, but trust Him to provide for you. View Resource

  • Wrestling with the Lord Devotional

    Genesis 32:22–24

    Jesus shows how we are to wrestle with God. In Gethsemane, our Savior thrice confessed His dread at His Father’s wrath, asking Him each time to let the cup of suffering pass. But each time this request was accompanied by a trusting resolve to do God’s will, whatever it may be (Mark 14:32–42). Like Jesus, we may freely admit our fears to the Lord, but we must also be willing to submit to Him, no matter the difficulty it might bring. View Resource

  • A Wrestling People Devotional

    Genesis 32:22-32

    The weight of today’s passage lies in the fact that Jacob wrestled with God. Note, however, that Jacob could sustain the struggle only because of the Lord’s grace to Him. Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage: “We cannot prevail with God but in his own strength. It is his Spirit who intercedes in us, and helps us in our weakness (Rom. 8:26).” Commitment to the Lord in good and bad times depends on the help of His Holy Spirit. View Resource

  • The Touch of the Lord Devotional

    Genesis 32:25–26

    Augustine reminds us that “the touch of the Lord is the hand of the Lord, chastising and giving life” (Works of St. Augustine, 31:223). Too many Christians today run after the abundant, life-giving touch of God without being willing to receive chastisement from Him. It is not popular to say that the Lord at times may discipline His children, but Scripture is clear that sometimes He tears us down in order to build us up (Hos. 6:1). And God is good even in His discipline. View Resource

  • From Jacob to Israel Devotional

    Genesis 32:27–28

    When God sends trials our way, He is not working against us. He also delivers us from the travails He permits (Pss. 18:2; 74; 79; 1 Cor. 10:13). Calvin writes that “inasmuch as he supplies us with more strength to resist than he employs in opposing us, we may truly and properly say, that he fights against us with his left hand, and for us with his right hand.” Let us imitate Jacob and cling to Him for blessing so that we may see the good things He has for us. View Resource

  • Jacob’s Deliverance Devotional

    Genesis 32:29–32

    John Calvin comments on Jacob’s wrestling with the Lord, saying, “This passage teaches us always to expect the blessing of God, although we may have experienced his presence to be harsh and grievous, even to the disjointing of our members.” Though His servants are at times a bruised reed or a smoldering wick, our Father will not destroy those who trust in Him (Isa. 42:1–3). Know that the Lord is eager to bless you if you belong to Him. View Resource