• God Speaks to Jacob Devotional

    Genesis 31:3

    Sometimes we sense divine Providence indicating a move for us to make. A new job offer might present itself. Maybe a relationship is pointing toward marriage. Investment prospects may be “golden opportunities” for growing our resources. God will often direct us by opening doors, but we must be sure we have spent time in His Word before we determine which choices to make. Many times an available option is not heaven-sent. View Resource

  • Rachel and Leah Answer Devotional

    Genesis 31:4-16

    Matthew Henry comments, “Husbands who love their wives will communicate their purposes and intentions to them. Where there is a mutual affection there will be a mutual confidence.” Dr. R.C. Sproul also says in his series The Intimate Marriage, that husbands should make decisions cooperatively with their wives as often as possible. Only when spouses face a number of godly options upon which they cannot agree should the husband ask his wife to submit to his will View Resource

  • Jacob’s Wisdom Devotional

    Genesis 31:20

    Since God’s people have not totally shaken off idolatry, we again repeat Scripture’s call to keep ourselves from idols (1 John 5:21). We must also recall Jacob’s wisdom in dealing with Laban. As Christians, we must pray for the non-believers we know and share the Gospel with them, but let us not be gullible around those who would harm us. If you are facing a problem in dealing with a non-Christian, pray and seek counsel for how you may deal wisely with that person. View Resource

  • The Lord Visits Laban Devotional

    Genesis 31:22-32

    In Romans 12:2 the apostle Paul exhorts us to “be transformed by the renewal” of our minds. As those called out from the world to be God’s people, the Holy Spirit has indeed transformed our minds so that we may serve Him with all our might. However, there will be times when sin gets the better of us and clouds our thinking; thus, we should never think we are immune to irrational thoughts or behaviors. Spend time in God’s Word that you may think more rightly. View Resource

  • Laban’s Futile Search Devotional

    Genesis 31:33-35

    Duress makes false gods enticing. Those in dire financial straits may look to the lottery or corrupt politicians to save them. Men or women under pressure at work or at home may seek refuge in drugs, alcohol, or pornography. The terminally ill may follow those who promise healing while teaching a false gospel. Make sure you are surrounded by caring Christians who will help see you through difficulties and caution you against chasing after idols. View Resource

  • Jacob Rebukes Laban Devotional

    Genesis 31:36-42

    One of the ways we can “measure” our spiritual growth is to take a look at how we have grown in our generosity. The longer we serve the Lord, the more conscious we should be of His free gifts. Not only has He granted us our undeserved salvation, He has gone far beyond this in granting us all with various gifts. If He has been willing to do this for us, we can do naught but imitate Him. Are you becoming more generous every day? View Resource

  • Laban Surrenders Devotional

    Genesis 31:43-50

    Matthew Henry comments on verse 49: “When we are out of one another’s sight, let this be a restraint upon us, that wherever we are we are under God’s eye.” We may not be guilty of Laban’s sins, but we can certainly oppress others when the world is not watching. Maybe we gossip and slander. Perhaps you and your spouse pretend to be a perfect couple in public but privately speak harshly to each other. Even if others are unaware, the Lord sees what we do in secret. View Resource

  • The Fear of Isaac Devotional

    Genesis 31:51-55

    Every day we endeavor to provide an application of the biblical text in this coram Deo section. Coram Deo is a Latin phrase meaning “before the face of God,” and encapsulates the biblical teaching that we are to live reverentially aware of the Lord’s ever-present eye upon us (1 Cor. 10:31). Living before His face means we respect God’s holiness and strive to please Him in all things. Today let us all ask ourselves this question: “Do I fear the Lord?” View Resource