• Esau’s False Piety Devotional

    Genesis 28:6–9

    John Calvin writes: “Since it is a disease inherent in the human race, willingly to attempt to deceive God by some fictitious pretext, let us know that we do nothing effectually, until we tear up our sins by the roots, and thoroughly devote ourselves to God.” When we remember the error of our ways, let us always get to the heart of the matter: our willful rebellion against the Lord. As you repent today, acknowledge first your offense against the Father (Ps. 51:4). View Resource

  • Jacob’s Ladder Devotional

    Genesis 28:10–17

    Hebrews 13:5–8 makes it clear that the Lord who promised to be with Jacob is our Lord, and He will likewise never leave His people. Have you been faithfully serving God and yet feel as if He is far away from you? Take heart and trust in His Word, for our Father has not left you but is sustaining you in your trials in ways you may not even realize. Remember always that our Lord is a covenant-keeping God, and thus He will never abandon those whom He loves. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Sure Presence Devotional

    Genesis 28:15

    Take time today to skim the book of Genesis and reflect on the many lessons we have learned over the past two years. Consider how God has been faithful to you and present with you even when you sin. Ask Him to empower you with His Spirit so that you may never take His promises for granted but will instead live in gratitude for His goodness. Thank God that Jesus has come to establish God’s kingdom and that He will come again to rule over a renewed creation. View Resource

  • The House of God Devotional

    Genesis 28:18–22

    Calvin writes that in order for a vow to be lawful and pleasing to God, “it is first necessary that it should tend to a right end; and next, that men should devote nothing by a vow but what is in itself approved by God, and what he has placed within their own power.” When we make promises to God, we should never pledge something we are unable to do or something forbidden by Scripture. Consider any oaths you may have made to the Lord and seek to fulfill them. View Resource