• An Oblivious Father Devotional

    Genesis 27:1–4

    When we seek our satisfaction apart from God’s will and make our own happiness an end in itself, we can end up, consciously or not, plotting against Him. For example, we may consider marriage for purely selfish reasons, thereby making it easier to entertain the prospect of divorce. Or, we can seek our own happiness first as we raise our children and therein live our lives vicariously through them. Consider the idols in your life and flee from them this day. View Resource

  • Blessings for Jacob and Esau Devotional

    Genesis 27:1-45

    It is comforting to know that despite our best efforts, we cannot undo the Lord’s intent to bless His children. Still, we cannot take this as a license to sin, for our evil ways will inevitably cause us much hardship in this life. We should also note that a persistent, impenitent refusal to walk in the path of Jesus can indicate that we are not redeemed, and that if we do not turn from our ways, we forfeit the blessing promised to all those in Christ. View Resource

  • A Plot is Hatched Devotional

    Genesis 27:5–13

    Oftentimes the most zealous for the faith are new converts who lack knowledge and thus may promote an erroneous view of the Lord. Unfortunately, those with the most knowledge of biblical truth are sometimes the least zealous for the Gospel. If you are a new convert, make sure you are studying Scripture and sitting under sound doctrinal teaching. If you lack zeal, spend time with a spirited Christian so that some of their enthusiasm may encourage you. View Resource

  • Jacob Deceives Isaac Devotional

    Genesis 27:14–25

    In line with His promise in Romans 8:28, God worked through Jacob’s sin for the final good of His plan. Though Jacob grasped at spiritual benefits through unspiritual means, thereby getting himself into trouble, the Lord was pleased to allow it in His plan of redemption. We must never use this truth as a license to sin, but let us never erroneously assume God cannot use our mistakes to contribute to His glory, and therefore our good, in the end. View Resource

  • The Patriarchal Blessing Devotional

    Genesis 27:26-29

    The Bible is clear that the patriarchal blessing finds its fullness in Christ, the truest son of Abraham. Moreover, in His grace, the Father has extended this blessing to all of those who believe in Him (Gal. 3:29). How readily do we forget that we who serve Jesus are the blessed people of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit to do His will? Reflect on this great status today as you go about your business and marvel at the Lord’s willingness to set His favor on you. View Resource

  • Isaac and Esau Devotional

    Genesis 27:30–38

    Calvin further writes: “The wicked, when punishment overtakes them, bewail the salvation they have lost; but, meanwhile, do not cease to delight themselves in their vices; and instead of heartily seeking after the righteousness of God, they rather desire that his deity should be extinct.” Esau’s crocodile tears and hatred of God’s chosen man show the hardness of his heart. When you confess your sin, acknowledge its offense to God that you may not be hardened. View Resource

  • A Lesser Benediction Devotional

    Genesis 27:39–40

    As we will see tomorrow, Esau does not humbly receive this word from Isaac but instead harbors hatred in his heart toward his brother. Sometimes we too can grow jealous of others that the Lord has apparently blessed more than ourselves and wish ill on them. This may take the form of overt hatred or appear more subtly in the way we make snide comments about another’s good fortune. Repent today if you are ill-disposed to someone “better off” than yourself. View Resource

  • A Mother’s Advice Devotional

    Genesis 27:41–45

    Though God’s grace was poured out lavishly despite His people’s wickedness, we must never sin so that grace may abound (Rom. 5:12–6:4). Are you guilty of using an “ends justify the means” theology to achieve a good goal? For example, maybe you have taken a job that troubles your conscience in order to get through school or earn extra money. Whatever the case, strive to please God with the ends you seek and the means you use to get there. View Resource

  • Jacob Sets Out Devotional

    Genesis 27:46–28:5

    Matthew Henry says Jacob’s blessing in today’s passage “is more express and full than the former; it is an inheritance of the blessing of Abraham. It is gospel blessing.” Despite his sin and the transgressions of his parents, the Lord’s electing love remained on Jacob and preserved him even if his motivations, and those of his mother, were not entirely pure. We are likewise sinful, but our belief in Christ proves that God’s magnificent, undeserved, electing love is also upon us. View Resource