• The Death of Sarah Devotional

    Genesis 23:1–9

    The Lord takes vows made in His name extremely seriously. Those who swear oaths before God must keep them, as long as the vow made was not a pledge to commit sin (Num. 30). Consider the vows you may have sworn in your life, whether in marriage, signing a business contract, or other commitment. Make sure that you are doing all that you can to keep these vows. Find a godly person who will keep you accountable and help you do the right thing. View Resource

  • The Field of Ephron Devotional

    Genesis 23:10–16

    Abraham had earlier gained rights to the well he dug in Beersheba (Gen. 21:25–34), but the plot he bought in today’s passage was the first property he owned in Canaan. In purchasing this land, he gave an inheritance to his descendants that assured them of the promises for years to come. Are you investing for the future spread of God’s kingdom? Consider how you might leave an inheritance for your children and the church to help further the Gospel. View Resource

  • Abraham Buries Sarah Devotional

    Genesis 23:17–20

    Have you recently suffered the death of a loved one? Maybe you or someone you know has just been diagnosed with a terminal or life-threatening disease. If you are struggling with sadness, go before the Lord and ask Him to renew your hope in His promises. Look to Abraham’s grief as a model for how to persevere in difficult circumstances. If death has not recently affected your life, go and offer support and encouragement to a grieving person. View Resource