• Abraham’s Sister Devotional

    Genesis 20:1–2a

    God likely “tolerated” Abraham’s marriage to his half-sister because it was not the grave offense it would have been if he could read the law of Moses (Rom. 5:13). As we will see in due time, this is not the only time the patriarchs violated such standards. But while sin is never excusable, we do know that God has chosen to use sinners to bring about His plan. Therefore, we who have sinned against Him can be encouraged that He can use us as well. View Resource

  • God Comes to Abimelech Devotional

    Genesis 20:2b–7

    In Psalm 23:3, David tells us that the Lord leads His people “in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” If we belong to God and evidence this through our mortification of sin and holy living, then He will help protect us from falling. Do you feel as if you are having trouble loving Him and His will today? It may be because you are not practicing righteousness. Endeavor to live in holiness today and He will guard your way. View Resource

  • Abraham Rebuked Devotional

    Genesis 20:8–13

    John Calvin astutely comments on what this passage tells us about our need to pray for our leaders. Because the sin of the king can also be easily imitated by the people, we must therefore earnestly “beseech God to govern, by his Spirit, those whom he has placed in authority over us”; and then, to preserve our country “exempt and pure from all iniquity.” Do you pray regularly for your local and national leaders? Pray they would rule in wisdom and righteousness. View Resource

  • Abraham Blessed Devotional

    Genesis 20:14–18

    Christians may never unwittingly take another person’s spouse into a harem like Abimelech did, and yet they may unwittingly put their own marriages at risk by developing friendships with the opposite sex that are deeper than they ought to be. Scripture calls us all to live beyond reproach (1 Tim. 5:7), and we must take care that we do not become intimate with a person of the opposite sex who is not our spouse. View Resource