• The Spirit of Unity Devotional

    Genesis 11:1-9

    The Spirit of God seeks to bring unity to His people, and one of the ways He does this is to cause confusion among His foes. Though these enemies might remain united in their common refusal to bow the knee to the Lord, different languages and beliefs make it hard for them to agree with each other and work together against the church. We should be grateful that the Lord is able to stir up disunity among outsiders for the good of His people. View Resource

  • The Tower of Babel Devotional

    Genesis 11:1–9

    Matthew Henry comments, “Those who aim at a great name commonly come off with a bad name.” In our sin, all of us want to promote our fame at the expense of humble service to the Lord. How do you aim at a great name? Are you overly concerned with recognition, fame, or your own achievements? Maybe you feign humility whenever you are praised? If someone affirms you, simply thank him and do what you can to proclaim God’s name on the earth. View Resource

  • The Generations of Shem Devotional

    Genesis 11:10–26

    It can be easy to look at the falsehood propagated in the church and wonder if the Lord will truly preserve His people. But both Scripture and history reveal how God has again and again sustained a remnant who loves the truth. Take time today to pray for the church around the world to stand firm for the Gospel. Do what you can in your church to support the proclamation of God’s Word, perhaps by getting trained to teach Sunday school or a Bible study. View Resource

  • From Ur to Haran Devotional

    Genesis 11:27–32

    As we will see next week, the Lord in His grace reached into a family that did not know Him and called Abram out to create a people devoted to Himself. Some of us may be the only believer in our families. Even if our relatives are now faithful Christians, for many of us, such was not always the case. We have been graciously made recipients of God’s covenant. Do not hesitate to pray for unsaved friends and family, for they are in dire need of God’s saving grace. View Resource